10 Amazing DIY Nebula Bottle Ideas

You’ll be surprised how much galaxy stuff there is out there.

Easy DIY Nebula Bottle Tutorial:

Tutorial: pbs

Galaxy Jar DIY Hold The Galaxy In Your Hands:

Tutorial: momdot

How To DIY Nebula in a Bottle Craft:

Tutorial: thekindergartenconnection

Nebula in a Bottle Necklace:

Tutorial: acraftyspoonful

DIY Nebula In A Bottle:

Tutorial: lifescarousel

DIY Halloween Nebula Potion Bottles:

Tutorial: karenkavett

Recycled Nebula Bottle Art:

Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

DIY Nebula Bottle:

Tutorial: productivemamas

Nebula in a Bottle:

Tutorial: nearspacescience

DIY Bottle Nebula Idea:

Tutorial: cupcakecomjujubaa

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