10 Amazing Tile Floor Ideas For Your Home

Ahead, get some inspiration for making a tile floor work for your budget and style preferences.

Hexagonal tiles make the floor stand out enough:

Enhance the personality of your bathroom by introducing yellow or grey in the sea of white tiles:

Pair light blue with dark or white with black to create a stunning contrast on your floor:

Create interesting fish scales pattern on concrete floor:

To make a penny floor, you will need epoxy, a little bit of adhesive, a lot of copper pennies:

via: livedan330.com

Create a unique transition with tiles on your hardwood floor. Tiles are great to use by a door entrance or tub surround:

Instead of going all the way up to the ceiling, consider arranging hexagonal tiles on only parts of the walls to create a dynamic pattern:

via: contemporist.com

Bring life to a boring wooden flooring with unique use of black hexagonal tiles:

By the creative placement of tile, you can bring area rug to a dining room or entryway:

via: houzz.com

Stagger tile in a creative finish to add a little contrast:

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