10 Cool DIY Recycled Sweater Ideas

Whether you’re looking for home decor or you want to recycle that sweater into something wearable, you are certainly going to be able to put it to good use with a project from this collection.

Recycled Sweater Purse:

Image: pinterest

Cashmere Bunny Tutorial:

Image: betzwhite

Ear Warmer:

Image: maverydesigns

Sweater Flip-Flop Slippers:

Image: craftsy

Patchwork Messenger Bag:

Image: pinterest

Wintery Flower Pot Sweater Sleeve:

Image: acultivatednes

Doggie Slippers:

Image: typepad

Elf Hat:

Image: pinterest

Felt Slipper:

Image: craftsy

Sweater Wreath:

Image: sewsweetstitches.blogspot

Old Sweater Purse:

Image: pinterest

Sweater Boots:

Image: sew-whats-new

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