12 Amazing DIY Pencils

Check out these super fun pencil art ideas – these are creative projects full of color and you’ll have a blast making at least some of these!

1. Painted Pencils 

Hello Glow

2. Confetti Pencils 

Make and Tell

3. Harry Potter Wand Pencil 

Kim Orlandini

4. Pinwheel Pencils 


5. Twig Pencils 

Made with Happy

6. Felt Pencil Toppers 

Kids Activities Blog

7. Worded Pencils 

Kate’s Creative Space

8. Snowman Pencils 

Martha Stewart‘s

9. Washi Tape Pencils 


10. Bendy Pencils 

Karina Garcia

11. Glitter Pencils 


12. Color Changing Pencils 

Emma Topp

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