12 Easy Old Keys Craft Ideas

Check out these 12 awesome DIY ideas for upcycling old keys! Use the ones you forgot to give back when you move, the ones you found in the drawer of an old dresser and can’t identify, or even different styles and shapes of keys from rummage sales and thrift shops!

Recycled Metal Sculptures Key Coin Michael Moerkey:

Image: boredpanda

Old Keys Bowl:

Image: artprojectsartideas.blogspot

Keys Custome:

Image: frecklefacedwordwoman.blogspot

Recycled Keys Bottle:

Image: lushome

Keys Glass:

Image: wonderdump

Wind Chime From Keys:

Image: pinimg

Key Holder Ideas:

Image: ideas2live4

Key Sunburst Mirror:

Image: cantstopmakingthings

3Antique Vintage Apothecary Bottles With Skeleton Keys:

Image: etsy

DIY Key Holder Using Old Keys:

Image: diytomake

Keys Wedding Theme:

Image: washingtonpost

Key Holder Ideas:

Image: theownerbuildernetwork.co

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