14 DIY Dollhouse Ideas and Designs

You can work with your kids to make their dream house or surprise them with one on their birthday! There are a ton of DIY dollhouse projects out there, and here we have a list containing 47 of my favorites. So, let’s start creating!

1. Simple cardboard dollhouse

Pie Mummy

2. Detailed dollhouse furniture

Creative Social Worker

3. Detailed 1-inch doll’s ladies secretary

1 Inch Minis Made by Kris

4. Lovely hinged dollhouse

The Handmade Home

5. Cute fabric dollhouse

 Sew Some Stuff

6. DIY bookcase dollhouse

Fab Art DIY

7. Wooden pieces dollhouse in a cardboard box

Adventure in A Box

8. DIY woodworked Barbie house

 Build It, Sew It, Love It

9. Wooden background dollhouse from scratch


10. Small folding dollhouse

My Froggy Stuff

11. Fabric bag style dollhouse

Xoxo Grandma

12. Papered dollhouse with a shingled roof


13. Miniature doll sized beach house

Akameru Kawaii

14. Branch and bark covered dollhouse

Semi Proper

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