15 Amazing Beaded Crochet Patterns

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of beaded crochet as we were (and still are to this day), here are 15 fantastic and exciting beaded crochet patterns that will help you make all kinds of stunning projects.

1. Crocheted beaded wrap bracelet with a button

Don’t Eat the Paste

2. Polka dot beaded crochet necklace


3. Crochet with beaded string

Fusion Beads

4. Crocheted and beaded macrame style bracelet

Make My Day Creative

5. Beaded crochet neck scarf

Nana Woolies

6. Beaded lace crochet shirt edging

G-Ma Ellen’s Hands

7. Loose chain beaded crochet necklace

Shemi Dixon

8. Beaded and lace crochet cuffs

DIY to Make

9. Beaded crochet hoop earrings


10. Beaded crochet Atlantic Lace shawl

Make My Day Creative

11. Beaded lace crochet chokers


12. Beaded crochet ornaments

Beads East

13. Boho inspired wooden bead and crochet choker

Lana Hobby

14. Bib style crochet and glass beads necklace

Gemmy and Crochet!

15. Crocheted beads

The Little Treasures

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