15 Amazing Craft Lace Ideas

The goal of a new decor piece is usually to draw the eye and make your space look nice. What better way to dress things up than with some pretty lace? Lace is one of our favorite materials, and we’d use it in almost every project if we could.

1. Lace pressed clay dishes

Victoria Mag

2. Simple lace candle holder


3. DIY lace pillow


4. Lace doily curtain

Free People

5. DIY lace bralette

A Pair and A Spare

6. Lace doily and wire star decor

Dishfunctional Designs.

7. Lace painted dresser drawers


8. Lace and flowers bouquet

Scrappin’ Happy Crafts

9. Denim shorts patched with lace

Free People‘s

10. Lace halter boustier

Interesting for Me

11. DIY lace event invite

Eternal Stationery.

12. Lampshade from an antique lace tablecloth

Restored Treasures Too

13. DIY lace trimmed scarf

A Beautiful Mess

14. Sparkly, starched lace crowns

The Girl Inspired

15. Lace trimmed flip flops


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