15+ Amazing DIY Crochet Clock Pattern

It took so long for me to figure it all out, and that’s why these 100 crochet patterns for beginners are so great – they’re all easy and perfect for you if you haven’t been crocheting long, or if you’re like me and find yourself struggling with the task a bit.

Crochet Colorful Retro Wall Clock:

Image: retrobabydesign.blogspot

Crochet Coral Reef With Natural Seashells Clock:

Image: etsy

Candy Pink Flowery Crocheted Wall Clock On Burlap Board:

Image: storenvy

Crochet Mice Clock:

Image: planetpenny.co.uk

Oversized Round Flowery Crocheted Wall Clock:

Image: decorcraze

Pink Crochet Wall Clock:

Image: u-boutique

Handmade Crochet Wall Clock:

Image: pinimg

Hand-Crocheted Cuckoo Clock:

Image: anthropologie

Watermelon Crochet Clock:

Image: crafthubs

Blue & Green Circles Crochet Clock:

Image: craftsy

Crochet Wall Clock:DIY

Image: 101crochet

Cute Kitchen Flowery Crocheted Wall Clock:

Image: decorcraze

Colorful Garden Themed Crocheted Wall Clock:

Image: picssr

Cream Crochet Wall Clock:

Image: u-boutique

Half-Nelson Crochet Covered Wall Clock:Eclectic Wall Clock

Image: houzz

Crochet Clock Pattern:

Image: 101crochet

Crochet Wall Clock In Gray Color:

Image: u-boutique

Crochet Wall Clock With Flowers & Buttons:

Image: wefollowpics

Strawberry Crochet Clock:

Image: flickr

 Square Crocheted Wall Clock With Multi Button:

Image: decorcraze

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