15 Amazing Knitted Baby Sweater Patterns

This isn’t a bad thing though, because we much as we adore summer, fall is a wonderful time of year as well! This is especially true for knitters.

1. Hooded wrap sweater

The Design Studio

2. Sunnyside baby cardigan

Learn To Knit With Katie

3. Pull Gaspard sweater

Christine Rouville

4. Wallababy sweater

Purl Soho

5. Tiered baby coat

Love Knitting

6. Changing Days cardigan

Rosy Little Things!

7. Puerpernium cardigan

Beautiful Skills

8. Spud Chloe sweater

Kaye Prince

9. Flax sweater

Tin Can Knits

10. Little Bumblebee cardigan

Tracey Nicole‘s

11. Olive You Too cardigan

Taiga Hilliard Designs

12. Easy Baby Cardi

Universal Yarn

13. Demne cardigan


14. Fancy lace baby sweater

La Dolce Duchessa

15. Checkerboard baby sweater with raglan

Tom Machine Knitting Guy

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