15 Awesome DIY Air Freshners

All are natural and non-toxic…and as easy on the wallet as they are to actually create. Make your home smell as good as it looks!

1. Lavender & Lemon Candles

Brit + Co

2. Natural Room Spritz


3. Gel

Making Lemonade

4. Rice

Of Life + Lisa

5. Plug-In Refill

Mom 4 Real

6. Hanging Ones

Completely Delicious

7. Reed Diffuser

Sugar + Cloth

8. Absorber

Mon 4 Real

9. Pet Combats

DIY Passion

10. Car Pals


11. Simple Spray

Don’t Mess with Mama

12. Fall Gelatin

Bitz & Giggles

13. Vanilla Spritz

Make Your Own Zone

14. Water Beads

Living La Vida Holoka

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