15 Awesome DIY Alternative Christmas Trees

We’ve got 15 sweet ideas so fun (and easy) that you’re going to want a DIY Christmas tree in every room of your house.

1. DIY wooden dowel and ornaments tree

Homey oh My

2. Festive lights and trinkets tree in a bucket

Imagine Gnats

3. Wall mounted PVC pipe section tree

Martha Stewart

4. DIY felt Christmas tree

So Sew Easy!

5. Cartoonish balloon tree and presents

 123 Peppy

6. DIY firefly lights tree

Oh Me, Oh My

7. Branches and burlap dress form tree

 Living After Midnight

8. “Almost traditional” space saving Christmas tree

 Lily Ardor

9. Floating ornament mobile Christmas tree


Not Martha.

10. Vintage stacked book Christmas tree

Alice Wingerden

11. Wooden chalkboard Christmas tree

Jaymee Srp

12. Minimalist cardboard Christmas tree

 Instructables Living

13. Crepe paper corner Christmas tree


14. DIY driftwood Christmas tree

Sustain My Craft Habit

15. Flip sequin wood framed Christmas tree

At Charlotte’s House.

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