15 Cute DIY Cat Collars

Check out these awesome DIY cat collar ideas that will make your fluffy feline look even more adorable than usual (and maybe even help you find your runaway).

1. Spare fabric cat collar

Night Owl Corner

2. Fancy cat collar

Makeover Meow‘s

3. Crocheted kitty cat collar with a bell

Carrie Wolf’s Ravelry.

4. Christmas cat collars

Practically Functional

5. DIY padded cat collar

The Zen of Making

6. Cat collar revamp

Polly Danger

7. Lope knot collar

My Cat Goma

8. “Kitty cature” ruff collar

Blow Up

9. Button collar

10. Pretty kitty chokers

Yumi King

11. DIY leather cat collar

Confetti Workshop.

12. Cat bow tie collar

Her Style Review

13. Bedazzled collar

She Knows

14. Belt cat collar


15. Kitty cat necklace

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