15 Delicious Irish Recipes

Even if you aren’t Irish, this serves as a day to enjoy our amazing culture and food. While there are many Irish food recipes littering the internet, these delicious ones will help you to step up your St. Paddy’s Day game.

1. Traditional Irish stew

The Spruce Eats.

2. Traditional corned beef and cabbage

History Stories

3. Traditional Irish colcannon with melted butter


4. Irish soda bread

The Midnight Baker

5. Traditional Irish boxty (Irish potato cakes)

The Tomato Tart

6. Dublin coddle (Irish sausage and potato stew)


7. Corned beef hash and baked eggs

Cooking and Beer

8. Beef and Guinness hand pies

Frugal Mom, Eh

9. Irish pancakes

Donal Skehan

10. Bailey’s Irish cream scones

The Suburban Soapbox

11. Bailey’s Irish cream no-bake chocolate cheesecake

A Mummy Too

12. Traditional brioche bread and butter pudding

The Kitchen Alchemist

13. Green velvet cake


14. Irish mint brownies

 Reader’s Digest

15. Irish potato candy

Simply Whisked

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