15 Ways To Upcycle Old Socks

Instead of throwing out those mismatched socks, you can easily turn them into any number of wonderful DIY crafts.

1. Mismatch sock plush snake

Grosgrain Fab

2. Sock and button teddybear

Rawr Creatures

3. Lop eared sock bunny

Craft Passion

4. Sock snowman

Darkroom & Dearly

5. Colourful sock dragon

Craft Passion

6. Little sock girl


7. Sock animal baby rattle


8. Classic sock monkey

The Whoot

9. Miniature sock Baymax

 Craft Passion

10. No-sew sock octopus

One Good Thing by Jillee

11. Fuzzy sock sheep

Craft Passion

12. Yarn and sock lion

Craft Passion!

13. Funny sock hamsters

 DIY is Fun

14. Thanksgiving sock turkey

Craft Passion

15. Sock caterpillar


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