20 Amazing Easter Tree Decorations

Others function as good old-fashioned indoor Easter decorations that you can place in living rooms, entryways, kitchens, and bedrooms. Here’s to making your whole house feel like Easter!

1. Willow Easter Tree with Hanging Eggs – Dollar Tree Easter Decorations

2. Wood Dowel Easter Egg Tree Decorations

Visit Remodela Casa to get the complete instructions for this amazing project.

3. Mason Jar – Easter Egg Tree Ornaments

Salvage Sister & Mister

4. Jellybean Mini Topiary – Easter Egg Trees

Crafty Sisters

5. 3D Paper Eggs – DIY Easter Trees

Visit Lia Griffith

6. Outdoor Hanging Easter Eggs

Check out this Pinterest post for more inspiration.

7. Giant Easter Egg Topiary Tree

Celebrate and Decorate

8. White Easter Egg Tree DIY

Up to Date Interior

9. Crochet – Easter Egg Ornaments for Tree

Golden Lucy Crafts

10. Pom-Pom Tree Art – Easter Eggs Hanging from Tree

pom-pom tree art

11. Paper-Covered Wire Stem – Vintage Easter Tree

Happy and Simple

12. Painted Plastic Easter Eggs to Hang on Tree

Hello Kids

13. Hollowed and Dyed – Hanging Easter Eggs from Tree

Artful Parent

14. Marker-Colored Eggs


15. A Potted Tree with Sparkling Eggs

Savings Lifestyle

16. Curly Ribbons

Faithful Provisions

17. Pom-Poms and Moss

Alpha Mom

18. Handmade Salt Dough Ornaments

Rachel Powell

19. Easter Egg Tree with Feathers

Aunt Peaches

20. Large Topiary Egg Tree

Creative Lee Crafted

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