20 Amazing Planter Ideas For Using Mason Jars

You can simply hold them at the tables, shelves, mantles or mount them on the walls with macramé, wooden shelves, and ropes or house them in wooden boxes in any section of the house. So do visit the following collection and tell us which of the Mason jar planter idea you liked and adored the most.

Stenciled Mason Jar Planter Box :

Image: burtonavenue.blogspot

Ombre Painted Succulent Planter:

Image: hometalk

Planter From Mason Jar:

Image: lifestorage

Succulent Mason Jar:

Image: kastyles.co

Mason Jar Hanging Planter:

Image: tattooedmartha

Pineapple Mason Jar Planter:

Image: myfrugala

Mason Jar Planter Box:

Image: jenandjercook.blogspot

Mason Jar Herb Garden: DIY

Image: youtube

Rustic Farmhouse Mason Jar Planter:

Image: makingitinthemountains

Vintage Mason Jar DIY Terrarium:

Image: diycandy

Mason Jar Succulent Planter:

Image: apumpkinandaprincess

Chalk Paint Mason Jar Planter:

Image: modpodgerocksblog

Small Mason Jar Self-Watering Planter 3D Printing:

Image: pinshape

Mason Jar Seedling Planter:

Image: michaels

Indoor Mason Jar Wall Planter:

Image: instructables

Mason Jar Succulents:

Image: seedling

Mason Jar Planter Craft:

Image: texasfarmersdaughter

Vertical Garden, Indoor Herb Garden:

Image: mintblooms

Painted Mason Jars As Vases Planter:

Image: gardentherapy.ca

Black Mason Jar Hanging Planter:

Image: decoist

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