20+ Amazing Treat Or Trunk Halloween Ideas

Get inspired by these insanely fun “trunk or treat” ideas, from replicas of your favorite fast food restaurants to movie and TV-inspired trunks. No matter where you’re parking your car, these will make your trunk Halloween ready.


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4.Gumball Machine

5.1950s Diner


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8.Mario Kart

9.Harry Potter

10.Jurassic Park

11.Wizard of Oz

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12.Star Wars

13.Finding Nemo

14.Classic Halloween

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15.Veggie Tales

16.Toy Story

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17.Turbo Porsche

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18.Cookie Monster

19.Candy Land

20.Mickey and Minnie Mouse

21.Pirate Ship


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23.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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24.Wizard of Oz

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