20+ Cool DIY Ideas to Make Garden Stairs and Steps

Garden stairs have a more casual feel than indoor stairs, allowing you to create DIY versions that reflect your personal taste and complement your garden’s overall theme. You don’t have to adhere to strict measurements when building them.

Constructing DIY steps and stairs in your yard or garden can boost your outdoor landscaping and inspire both yourself and visitors to your home.

#1 Recycled Broken Concrete Garden Steps:

Source: enviromom.com

#2 Garden Stairs Made of Tree Trunks on the Trail:

tree trunks

#3 Garden Stairs Made Of Wood And Gravel:

Above Image Source: flickr.com    Bottom Image Source: alleideen.com

#4 Use Natural Stone Slabs to Build this Floating Garden Steps:

#5 DIY Outdoor Stair with Steel Plate Edges and Grass Covering

Source: instagram.com

#6 Recycle Old Timbers and Pea Gravel to Build DIY Outdoor Steps


#7 Large Paving Slabs and Paved Brick Made this Landscaping Stairs:

Source: letsgoforahike.tumblr.com

#8 Use Concrete Slabs to Create a Contemporary Look with these Floating Concrete DIY Outdoor Stairs:

#9 How to build a wooden boardwalk with steps

Get Tutorial here ====> familyhandyman.com

#10 Landscaped Stones Make for the Backyard Stairs:

Source: dreaminggardens.blogspot.hu

#11 Logs Used as a Retaining Wall, Steps, and Supporting a Rope Handrail:

#12 Large, Colored Flagstone Slabs Use to Create a Garden Stair on a Hillside

Source: deavita.com

#13 Use Concrete Blocks in Your Garden to Create Garden Stairs

Source: sliptalk.com

#14 Mosaic and Colorful Stones Landscape Steps on a Slope

Source: nettetipps.de

#15 Outside Staircase Made Of Bamboo And Logs

Source: interiorish

#16 Classic Brick Garden Steps

Source: favim.com

#17 Galvanized trough covered with concrete as backyard hillside steps.

Source Unknown.

#18 Round Concrete Slabs Garden Stairs

Source: latimes.com

Source: homedesigninspired.com

Old tires used as easy diy steps on a hill slope

Source: flickr.com

Above Image Source: blog.gardenloversclub.com

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