20 Cool DIY Pinecones Crafts

Scented pinecones are a wonderful use for them, but don’t forget all the great decorative uses of the common every day pinecone, especially for the holidays. Here before you are 20 DIY Pinecone Crafts that demonstrate the versatility of the simple pinecone.

1. Pinecone Succulent Planters | Tutorial: theinspiredhomeandgarden.com

2. Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars | Tutorial: craftsbyamanda.com

3. Stick Pinecones onto a Foam Ball To Make a Kissing Ball | Tutorial: consumercrafts.com

4. Pinecone Flower Garland | Tutorial: twoshadesofpink.blogspot.com

5. Pinecone Centerpiece Made With Wooden Bowl, Candle and Some Pinecones:

6. Corn Husk Wreath with Pine Cones | Tutorial: chickensintheroad.com

7. Make a Pine Cone Spider for Halloween | Tutorial: themagiconions.com

8. Pinecone Christmas Trees:

Similar project tutorial: hometalk.com

9. Enchanting nest of pine cones wrapped into a string light:

10. Pinecone Wreath:

Tutorial: hometalk.com

11. DIY Pinecone Topiary | Tutorial: somewhatsimple.com

12. Pinecone Tree | Tutorial: sharonglasgow.com

13. Decorating Fall Pinecones | Tutorial: buggyandbuddy.com

14. CANDY CORN PINE CONES | Tutorial: whoneedsacape.com

15. Pinecone Picture-Frame Ornaments | Tutorial: marthastewart.com

16. Pine Cone Christmas Trees:

Image via: recyclart.org

17. Decorate Handrails by Hanging these Lovely Pinecone Ribbon Decorations:

18. Candy Corn Pine Cone Flowers:

Image via: etsy.com

Tutorial: instrupix.com

19. Pine Cone Fire Starter Kit | Tutorial: hunker.com

20. Pine Cone Door Hanger | Source: thenewwittys.blogspot.com

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