22 Creative DIY Tree Log Ideas for Your Garden

Elevate your garden’s charm and functionality with our inspiring guide, ’22 Amazing DIY Tree Log Projects for Your Garden’. This collection showcases inventive ways to repurpose tree logs into stunning and practical garden features. Whether you’re looking to add rustic seating, create whimsical planters, or build natural garden borders, these DIY projects cater to all skill levels and styles. Each idea comes with detailed instructions and tips to help you seamlessly integrate these natural elements into your garden design. Embrace the beauty and versatility of tree logs, and transform your outdoor space into a unique and enchanting retreat with these creative projects.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Spot with a Tree Stump Bar:

Enjoying the outdoors with friends and family on a sunny day is just perfect.

This tree stump serves as a table on the patio, paired with metal chairs and decorations that match the table’s design.

An umbrella provides shade for the seating area, making it an inviting space.

The stump is creatively adorned to add extra fun to the setup.

Big Sliced Tree Logs as Garden Benches

add a rustic charm to your outdoor space

Build a Tree Log Slice Walkway

Create a unique and charming walkway using tree log slices. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option that adds a natural touch to your garden. You can arrange the slices in various patterns, depending on your preference.

Give Old Tree Stumps New Life:

When you’re landscaping, dealing with old tree stumps can be a challenge.

However, repurposing them as planters or small gardens can make landscaping easier.

Here, an old tree stump is transformed into a planter, hosting a variety of plants and flowers.

Surrounding stones define the area beautifully, adding detail to the stump’s new role in the garden.

Wood Log Planters

Wood log planters are an innovative way to incorporate plants in your garden. They are versatile and can be made in different sizes and shapes. The logs also provide natural insulation, protecting the plants from temperature fluctuations.

Garden Bench from Two Tree Log and a Piece of Tree Log Slice

Combine two tree logs and a piece of tree log slice to create a cozy garden bench. It is a perfect seating option for enjoying the outdoors. And more, the natural texture of the logs adds warmth and character to your garden.

Raised Garden Beds from Logs

defining your garden’s boundaries.

Log Stairs on a Slope Garden

Adding log stairs to your slope garden makes it accessible and adds a rustic charm. The logs provide a natural look and are durable, making them ideal for outdoor use. They also help prevent soil erosion.

Wooden Tree Logs Turned Into an Exotic Coffee Table

Wooden tree logs turned into an exotic coffee table is a unique way to add character to your living space. The logs’ natural texture and shape create a striking focal point.

Tree Log Fence

Source: telegraph.co.uk

9. Swinging the Rustic Way

Swinging the rustic way adds a fun element to your garden. Using a tree log as a swing is an easy and eco-friendly option.

10. Wooden Log Forest Toadstools

Source: flickr.com    Tutorial: grillo-designs.com

11. Stunning Tree Log Garden Gate

A stunning tree log garden gate adds a unique touch to your garden. It creates a natural entrance that blends seamlessly with your garden’s surroundings. Additionally, it is a durable option that requires little maintenance.

12. Dining Table from a Fallen Tree

It is a conversation starter and a unique piece of furniture. The log’s natural texture and shape create a striking focal point in your outdoor space.

13. Swing for Your Chickens

Using a tree log as a swing for your chickens is a fun and practical option. It provides a natural perch for them to rest and play. In addition, it is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option that adds character to your chicken coop.

14. Succulent Planters Rotted Tree Trunk Pieces

Tutorial: myrepurposedlife.com

15. Fallen Tree Log Couch

It is a unique seating option that adds a natural touch to your home’s outdoor.

16. Cracked Log Lamps

Source: imgur.com

17. Vertical Log Retaining Wall

retaining wall

18. Wooden Logs Arbor

Source: conradartglassgardens.blogspot.com

19. DIY Log Fountain

DIY log fountain is a unique and eco-friendly addition to your garden. It adds the soothing sound of flowing water and creates a natural focal point.

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