Amazing Under 5 Minute Easy Sewing Projects

We love a simple project that can be done quickly, so today we’re giving you 25 Things to Sew in Under 5 Minutes.

1 Super Easy Sunglasses Case

Super Easy Sunglasses Case: Use this quick and easy sunglasses case pattern to make a carrier for your shades in just 3 steps. (via Crazy Little Projects)

2 No Sew High Waist Bikini


No Sew High Waist Bikini (via Hello There Handmade)

3 5 Minute Infinity Scarf


Minute Infinity Scarf: How to make an infinity scarf in 5 minutes with very basic sewing skills- all you have to do is cut and sew a straight line! (via Sweet C’s Designs)

4 Lace Cuff Watch


Lace Cuff Watch: With just a few bucks and a small amount of work you can rock a one of a kind, fun DIY Lace Cuff Watch. (via Down Home Inspiration)

5 5 Minute Maxi Skirt


5 Minute Maxi Skirt: A DIY blog that makes sewing easy and fun with free how to’s and projects (via Randomly Happy)

6 Ribbon Belts


Ribbon Belts: A Ribbon Belt might be the simplest sewing project ever. Measurements Length of ribbon: waist plus 6-8 inches (I use 28 inches for a little girl.) Ribbon width: 7/8 inch Metal D-Rings: 1 inch Hint: Choose ribbon that looks good on both sides. Tip: To prevent frays, wrap a piece of tape around the ribbon, (via Small Notebook)

7 Simple Scrap Headbands


Simple Scrap Headbands (via Made by Me. Shared with You)

8 Cable Knit Lampshade


Cable Knit Lampshade (via Farm Fresh Therapy)

9 Fringe Purse


Fringe Purse: Hi there! Today I’m here to share some tips for sewing leather and a DIY of this cute little fringe purse… TIPS FOR SEWING LEATHER, VINYL + SUEDE: -As a beginner, it’s best to start with the thinnest material that you can. Choose a leather, vinyl or suede that isn’t too thick. Remember that most commercial leather products are sewn with an industrial machine. -Buy a leather needle for your… (via A Beautiful Mess)

10 Tie -Dyed Gift Bags


Tie -Dyed Gift Bags: Let’s get some presents under that tree. And why not make them handmade. I love to give edible gifts and then do a craft around the gift wrapping. I made a ‘berry Christmas’ strawberry candy with liquor ice in the center. Then I put them in little mason jars and made some tie dyed gift bags for them. Tutorials below.Be sure to also check out my fantastic co hosts’ projects. This week Rachel from Maybe Matilda is hosting our link party and she made the most adorable double pom pom hat, Kim from Newly Woodwards made an awesome tote bag and Michelle from Decor and the Dog made some fabulous stove top potpourri. (via Shift Ctrl Art)

11 Vintage Fabric and Wedding Key Chains


Vintage Fabric and Wedding Key Chains: Hey everyone! Have you all started making up your Christmas lists? I usually make a lot of my holiday gifts. Handmade items are really fun to make and gift! I always strive to make items that are something that my Continued (via My So Called Crafty Life)

12 Black Faux Leather Clutch


Black Faux Leather Clutch: Make this modern, graphic, faux leather clutch in under an hour. Easy and fast, this purse is the perfect beginner sewing project. Get the full tutorial here. (via The Felted Fox)

13 Ribbon Dish Towels


Ribbon Dish Towels (via Aesthetic Nest)

14 5 Minutes Handmade Bookmark


5 Minutes Handmade Bookmark: Use this bookmark tutorial to make a bookmark in about 5 minutes. Beginner sewing skills are all that is needed. (via Crazy Little Projects)

15 Leather Cord Strap


Leather Cord Strap (via Made by Me. Shared with You)

16 5 Minute Bread Bag


5 Minute Bread Bag (via saltwater-kids)

17 5 Minute Toddler Leggings


5 Minute Toddler Leggings: Socks to leggings in 5 minutes! This is a simple easy project perfect for everyone! (via How Does She?)

18 5 Minute Kleenex Holder


5 Minute Kleenex Holder: Canadian Craft Blogger Sew Creative shares her 5 minute kleenex holder sewing project. A great scrap busting project that is perfect for beginners. (via Hello Creative Family)

19 5 Minute Hand Warmers


5 Minute Hand Warmers: I am always at a loss for fun, inexpensive (and fast) stocking stuffers. I always wait until the last minute and end up spending a ton of time buying stuffers that end up being almost more expensive than gifts I give! This year I am trying to make plenty of fun items ahead of the (via Sweet C’s Designs)

20 Zippered Pouch


Zippered Pouch: A simple tutorial on how to make a pleated pouch with a free downloadable pattern. (via Skip to My Lou)

21 Color Fabric Quiet Book


Color Fabric Quiet Book (via Everyday Celebrations)

22 Easy Kids Belt


Easy Kids Belt: These easy to sew kids belts will take less than 10 minutes to make! (via Crazy Little Projects)

23 5 Minutes Chapstick Cozy


5 Minutes Chapstick Cozy (via Little Bit Funky)

24 Hot Pan or Skillet Handle Cover


Hot Pan or Skillet Handle Cover: Skillet handle cover instructions. How to make a cover for a hot pan or skillet handle. Easy 10 minute sewing project suitable for beginners. Cute too! (via So Sew Easy)

25 Corsage Necklace


Corsage Necklace: DIY your own jewelry with this adorable changeable necklace tutorial. An easy Quick Change corsage necklace tutorial by the Polka Dot Chair (via Polka Dot Chair)

26 5 Minute Fabric Flowers


5 Minute Fabric Flowers: Quick and easy five minute fabric flowers tutorial. Make these quick and easy to embellish any project. (via Crazy Little Projects)

27 The 5 Minute Pillow


The 5 Minute Pillow (via Rambling Renovators)

28 Recycled T-Shirt Tote Bag


Recycled T-Shirt Tote Bag: Are you looking for a great, low-cost recycling project to do at home or with a group? This is IT! This is a great way to use last season’s team t-shirts or a previous year’s event t-shirts! Re-purpose an unwanted t-shirt today and easily turn the shirt into a re-usable tote bag. With just two quick seams and some fast cutting—you are finished! These t-shirt totes are strong and washable! Use for groceries, library books, tennis balls, gym clothes or pool supplies—use for anything you need to carry! Did You Know…. Plastic shopping bags are typically used less than 30 minutes and only 1 % are recycled. The average American adult uses approximately 288 bags a year, or 22,000* in an average lifetime… make and use a Recycled T-Shirt Totebag today! *Source: 2008 Piedmont Environmental Alliance, NC This is my first Instructable – any comments are appreciated. I am doing this … (via sewmargaretsew)

29 Making a Kimono from a Scarf


Making a Kimono from a Scarf (via Keeping Up With Us Jones)

30 5 Minute Gift Card Holder


5 Minute Gift Card Holder (via Make It Handmade)

31 Fabric Phone Charging Station


Fabric Phone Charging Station: A sewing tutorial and pattern for a DIY fabric phone charging station. (via Positively Splendid)

32 Vintage Button Curtains


Vintage Button Curtains: things I like and projects to make, by Susan Beal (via West Coast Crafty)

33 Easy 5 Minute Boo Boo Bags


Easy 5 Minute Boo Boo Bags: How to make easy boo boo bags tutorial – takes just 5 minutes to put together! Perfect rice heat/cold pack for kids. (via A Mom’s Stake)

34 Cloth Napkins and Cloth Napkin Rings


Cloth Napkins and Cloth Napkin Rings (via My 3 Monsters)

35 Fabric Cord Keeper

Fabric Cord Keeper (via Made by Me. Shared with You)

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