Adorable DIY Hot Water Bottle Covers

We have picked our favorite DIY tutorials so you can make your own hot water bottle covers, by using old jumpers and second hand clothes it will cost next to nothing too!

Take a look at our collection and then let us know your favorites in the comments.

1. How To Make A Hot Water Bottle Cover Made From An Old Jumper – Grab that old sweater that is stuffed in the back of your wardrobe and give it a new lease of life with this fantastic DIY hot water bottle cover.

2. How To Make An Aromatherapy Hot Water Bottle Cover – This clever cover allows you to insert scented sachets into the pouch, allowing the beautiful scents to sooth and relax you into a deep peaceful sleep.

3. How To Knit Your Own Hot Water Bottle Cover – If you are a confident knitter, then this DIY will be a doddle. If not don’t worry, get yourself some needles and get practising, it won’t take long before you are a pro.

4. How To Make A Fleece Hot Water Bottle Cover – This simple DIY cover is a great way of making a quick but effective hot water bottle cover, fleece is so cosy, you will be racing to get to bed.

5. How To Make A Penguin Hot Water Bottle Cover – This cute penguin, would make a great gift for any kid, a great way to save the pennies and avoid those terribly expensive character covers in the shops.

6. How To Make A Quilted Hot Water Bottle Cover – A great detailed tutorial on how to make a quilted cover. Why not get the sewing machine out and make a textured cover yourself.

7. How To Make A Colourful Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover – Another knitted cover, we had to share because it’s so colourful and this tutorial comes with a great FREE pattern to download which will help you get started.

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