Amazing Birthday Party Tutorials for Boys

With all of these amazing party theme ideas you are sure to have the most memorable party that no one will forget!


This very modern and clean nautical themed party is rich in details. A few highlights to look for are: In shades of white blue and red. The double-layer cake with a little rudder decoration. Complete sets of the porcelain, including a delicate blue-and-white porcelain cake plates and two vases add to the elegance. The little decorations such as anchors, rudders, sailings and lighthouses are so cool.source


Dinosaur themed birthday party is absolutely a baby boy’s favorite. The color scheme was orange, turquoise, apple green and brown — and there were dinosaurs everywhere! How cute the cupcakes are. I really is in fond of the party.source


I love every single detail of this robot and rocket themed cake. The themed treats like the robots and the red robot cards in the frame are great too. Boys usually love robots and here are a lot. It’s hard to imagine a little boy not loving this party design.source


This yellow and grey elephant themed birthday party is one of my favorite parties we’ve ever featured. What an awesome party perfectly executed, with the adorable garland, bunting, the cute cake and sweets. Look at the darling chevron and the polka dot cake with an elephant on top, it’s just too cute. The little drinking glasses wrapped in yellow and grey bakers twine and adorned with an elephant, the grey and white paper lanterns, the dessert labels and other details are also so great. source


This delightful blue elephant themed party has so many fabulous ideas and cute details. I love the blue ombre ruffle cake, the oreos with elephant fondant toppers, the blue chocolate, the blue polka dot backdrop and printables, the assorted blue candy and desserts and …well, all of it!source


I really have a strong liking on this vintage birthday party. Circus was the theme of this amazing party. Turning one is really lots of fun. I love every single detail of the circus themed cake. Other themed treats like the marshmallow dumbbells, the animal crackers, the stuffed toy elephant, the puppy are also very great. source


The party has everything babies loves. Lots of hot air balloons in bright colors, the teddy bears, the globe, the counter balance,many cupcakes, and more to look at. Hot air balloons usually symbolize growing or going up. What a great way to display the wishes to your loved child.source


Safari themed birthday parties for babies have become so … hot. I love this birthday party very much. Look at all the details: lots of cute colorful animals lions, baby zebras, hypos, elephants, the balloons and sweets, the original cake and custom made truffles. Kids usually have strong liking of animals. It’s hard to imagine a baby boy not in fond of this party design.source


This fabulous safari themed birthday party has been by far my favorite. The gender neutral color palette is so awesome. Look at the blue little elephants, the cute yellow cats, lions and giraffes, the creamy little lion, the yellow cute tiger. The safari bag shaped treats are honey cakes covered by chocolate, the animal heads are chocolate truffles and the little animals close to the cake are done by chocolate only. A very cute banana bottle decor with little monkeys. Special attention for the cupcakes by making the fondant elephant toppers. ..well, every single detail of the party is adorable, and every single decoration furthers the theme.source


I love the little insect bee very much not only because they symbolize hardworking, fearless, patient, sacrifice and so on, but also they are very beautiful creatures that give us inspirations in decoration. This bee themed party has a fresh look just like this spring. It has so many intricate details and fabulous ideas! The things that stand out the most to me are the big bee and the cute baby bees in the flowers and the color scheme.source


This Peter Rabbit themed party with lots of great decorations building upon a sky blue, white, green and pale brown color scheme is awesome. Look at the birthday cake and wonderful truffle wrappers all around. The rabbits family, the houses, balloons,cakes and other decorations brings the children to a fairy tale world. source


Vintage plane themed birthday parties are popular for boys. The planes represent the little boy’s potential to go up to great heights. This party is built upon a blue and white color scheme that gives the party very clean and friendly look. source


Owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge. The owl theme can be chosen when your baby boy loves owl. And all the decorations are kinds of owls to further the theme, such as the owl paper bag, owl cakes, handmade paper owl decor,cute owl lollipops.source


Did you realize that outer space is saturated with rich color? Yup. The hosts of the birthday party spared no effort in showing you the colorful outer space. Also notice the very cool, very do-able candy rocket centerpiece.source


This rocket themed birthday party is building upon a grey, orange, lime green and blue color scheme. I love the charming cake, cupcakes and cookies to match! The cake is modern and playful yet do-able for at home bakers.source


This cheery yellow, orange and grey space invaders themed birthday party was deeply impressive. Even the flower arrangements wear antennas! And they were so cute.source


What a great birthday party. The party chooses a bowling theme and so well planned. There are lots of red ,white and bright colors. Look at so many cute details, yet they were not overdone.source


Boys usually love soccer. This party has lots and lots of soccers: cute soccer lollipops, three layer cake with a big soccer topper, soccer bags, cute soccer tags, soccer shaped crackers. Look at the color scheme: the great combination of white red and blue, and it gives the party an enthusiastic and dynamic look. And the balloons are pretty adorable. Can’t imagine a boy don’t love this party. source


This delightful Super Mario themed party shows us how talented the designer is in playing colors. I love all of colorful details in this party! Lots of green and orange and bright colors, the cute dinosaur, the cupcakes with Mustache topper, the mushroom cupcakes and all.source


This is a very elegant, modern and clean party rich in details. In shades of beige, white and green. Lion is the king of the jungle and Arthur is definitely his parents price. What a lovely party!source


This colorful jungle exploration themed birthday party has lots of green, orange and bright colors. Every single detail was carefully planned by the designer. Really appreciate the beautiful jungle animals and the way laying add to the feeling of mystique.source


What a great circus and crown themed birthday party. A very colorful and bright palette, a wonderful set up desert table and a masterful cake to impress even the pros. This party has every detail babies loves. Lots of balloons in bright colors, great fun pictures and designs to look at. And a great cake. source


What a cute theme for a birthday party! Monkey and banana are fabulous! Tantalize taste buds with banana-shaped candies (runts has them), banana chips, banana smoothies, banana bread, and even banana cupcakes. Most important, this great party is very do-able within your budget.source


If you are planning a Peter rabbit themed birthday party for your little prince, this party will definitely give you some inspirations. It has such a gender and clean vibe with its elegant patterns and cute color palette! Every single decoration is so delicate and it adds to the feeling of elegant. The big tree used as a dessert table backdrop here not just so fitting for Peter Rabbit theme but also make this party stand out to be a very special one.source


What a cute theme for a first birthday party! I especially love the big handmade paper balls hanging up as an awesome backdrop.This party has so many really cute ideas and they are not overdone.source


How cute is this little man mustache themed party?! Look at the darling Little Man cake, all of the fabulous mustache banners and decor, the cute mustache table cover combined with a ruffled blue table cover, the cute favor bags with mustaches on them and MORE!source


What’s cuter than a bunch of bees flying around in party hats? If your little one loves yellow and sweet, then a bee-themed party may be just what the doctor ordered. This party has such a fun and modern look and it’s really very cute. There are some highlights: bold patterns and cute color palette, the fabulous beehive cake and cupcakes.source


This little farm themed party is just so cute. I love the darling little cow cake from it! I love the red, white and black color scheme. I also love all of the fabulous farm animals fondant and decor! This party is just adorable and could be the perfect theme for a baby boy.source


Take a dip into all things penguin for your child’s upcoming birthday party. Keep everything black and white with the food, activities and decor for a black tie penguin party.source

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