Amazing Champagne Desserts

If you’re a well known champagne lover, you’re going to appreciate these 13 epic champagne desserts! 

1. Champagne Jello Cups 

For your next party, decide to give the classic jello cups a twist! The First Year shares the process of making champagne jello cups that are going to have all of your friends asking for the recipe. Who knows, they may even become a new tradition in your group!

2. Champagne Mug Cakes 

We love mug cakes! They are equally as satisfying as a regular big cake, but they are so much easier to prepare, there is definitely less mess in the kitchen afterwards and they can be a really convent party dessert! Check in with Kirbie’s Cravings to see how you can make champagne flavored mug cakes!

3. Champagne Cake Bites 

Another alternative to a big cake comes from Two Sisters! If you want to capture the essence of a classic cake into bite-sized pieces, these tiny cake bites are the perfect choice for you – not to mention, the fact that they taste like champagne makes them even more special!

4. Champagne Cheesecake Fruit Dip 

Fruit dips are one of the tastiest things to enjoy in the summer. They are delicious and refreshing! Everything is better when shared, so to get the full experience you need to share the dip with your friends as you’re swapping the best summertime stories! Dip Recipe Creations has got the ideal champagne cheesecake dip!

5. Champagne Cupcakes 

Cupcakes are one of the most versatile desserts, which makes them the perfect party food, especially when you have Cake Whiz on your team that is going to help you make them taste like champagne! It’s safe to say that they are going to be a big hit!

6. Champagne Creme Brûlée

Creme brûlée is already a special and very precise dessert to master, but if you love a challenge and always want to push your culinary skills out of the comfort zone, The Girl on Bloor is bringing you the perfect opportunity to do just that by making a champagne creme brûlée!

7. Champagne Raspberry Cake 

No matter how many cake-wannabes we feature, at the end of the day there can only be one true superstar of all desserts and that’s a good old-fashioned cake! If you are ready to make a proper cake with a champagne and raspberry flavor mix, check in with The Cake Blog!

8. Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet 

Summer is all about refreshing icy desserts such as ice cream, but if you prefer to take the healthier route, sorbets can be a wonderful alternative. They are rich in fruity flavor and with a little bit of imagination (and tips by The Cookie Rookie) you can add a champagne twist to them as well!

9. Champagne Donuts 

At this point it’s almost hard for us to consider donuts as dessert because they are more like a snack that we’re always munching on while on the go. But every now and then when you’re feeling especially creative, you can make them in your very own kitchen, by following the unique recipe at Sugar & Cloth!

10. Strawberry Champagne Trifles

Unexpected guests are such a bittersweet experience! One one hand, you are so excited to see some old friends who just happen to be in town, but on the other hand you’re stressing out because you have nothing fancy feed them with! The recipe for strawberry champagne trifles by Dessert for Two is ever the life saver!

11. Champagne Cookie Pops 

Sometimes we just want to channel some of that childlike playfulness while still remaining adult enough to indulge in some sparkling wine. These champagne cookie pops by Life, Love & Sugar are bringing us the best of both worlds! Where have they been our whole life?!

12. Champagne Peach Macarons 

Making macarons at home requires a lot of patience and an eye for the details. It’s one of those recipes that you rarely attempt, but when you do, it’s the biggest learning experience. Try your luck with these champagne peach macarons we found at Tatyana’s Everyday Food!

13. Champagne Mousse

If you are entertaining a tough crowd, mousse is always a smart choice of a dessert. The texture is fluffy and light, making you feel like you’re not really eating at all. Life, Love and Sugar shares a revolutionary recipe for a mousse that tastes like champagne!

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