Amazing Clay Earrings

Amazing earrings that don’t look homemade at all! And so easy that your kids can get involved too.

1. Sparkly hearts

The Alison Show

2. Textured imprint earrings

Melissa Esplin

3. Winter white earrings

This Heart of Mine

4. Dual colour squares

Art Platter‘s

5. Triangle studs

I Have a Deer

6. Pink and gold hinge earrings

Pitter and Glink

7. Clay dot studs

Mini Style

8. Black cats


9. Hearts and rainbows

Elvira Krick.

10. Fried eggs

DIY 100 Ideas

11. Skull studs

What To Do With Lemons

12. Hinged huskies


13. Faux plug spirals

Jad Montenegro!

14. Tiny bow studs

Make it Easy Crafts

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