Amazing Craft Storage Ideas

Here are some of the best DIY craft room ideas & projects we found, and tons of inspiration!

1. Giant DIY craft organizing peg board

Gingersnap Crafts

2.  Scrap fabric wall organizer

Design Sponge

3. PVC pipe Circular storage


4. Embroidery floss clothes pins

Mrs. Jones

5. Colourful tin can organizers

World of Pineapple

6. DIY magnetic pin holder

Sewlicious Home Decor.

7. String, ribbon, and twine organizer

Damask Love

8. Lace doily decoupage pencil cup

 Hello in Cabella

9. Filing fabric organizer

Thinking Closet

10. Lazy Susan art caddy

 Knock Off Decor

11. Bobbin bouquet

Sewlicious Home Decor

12. Tic Tac case ribbon organizer

Pretty Prudent

13. Sequin, rhinestone, and button organizer

Neat and Tangled

14. Upside down stool and pocket organizer

Muy Ingenioso

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