Amazing Decorative DIY Trays

Add your items in a beautiful DIY tray. These are 15 different ways to make decorative diy trays.


Crochet DIY Tray

Use doilies or crochet mats to refashion an old tray.


Stenciled decorative tray

Paint a tray with your favorite design. Learn how to stencil a decorative tray!


Cardboard tray tutorial

Turn cardboard into a decorative tray with fabric. Love this thrifty idea!


DIY yardsticks tray

Use rulers (yardsticks) to decorate the base of a tray.


Make wine cork tray

Use wine corks to decorate the base of a tray. I love the distressed painted frame of this tray too.

This tray gives you a reason to save those corks.


Wooden tray tutorial

This one needs patience and time. Cut pieces of plywood and glue them onto the tray.

The painted chevron lines give a fun effect.


Painted DIY tray

Think of a design and cover the tray with painter’s tape.

Go wild with colors. Remove the tape and you have a color blocked tray.


Handmade mosaic tray

Buy some mosaic tiles and use them to make a tray.


DIY serving tray

Turn a picture frame into a tray. All you need is a scrapbook paper of your choice for base.

And dresser handles for lifting, screwed into the frame.


DIY fabric tray

Cover an old baking tray with fabric using spray adhesive. What I love baking trays is they are magnetic.

You can use them an organizing boards and so much more.


Bottle cap tray tutorial

Spray paint bottle caps. Stick them to the base of your tray. What a fun idea!


Silver decorative tray

Cover a frame with silver leaf. The cut-out paper botanical motive looks so pretty.


Make wooden tray

Glue plywood to make this beautiful tray.


Make breakfast tray

Another picture frame turned into a tray using fabric.

It gave me an idea to use stencil to write on tray fabric. Kind of a custom tray for breakfast in bed.


Food/ dinner bed tray

Last but not the least. Chalkboard paint a vintage tray.


I just found this beautiful tray made with coins. Once all the coins were set, envirotex lite was poured over. Love how this penny tray looks.

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