Amazing DIY Candles

Here is a list of 15 Amazing DIY Candles that involve both minimal effort and minimal cost. Take a look!

1. Bottle cap candles


2. Homemade lavender candle

Shealynn Benner!

3. DIY scented Christmas candle

Living Well, Spending Less

4. DIY rosemary lavender candle

Live Simply

5. Wax paper candle transfer

DIY Crafts to Make

6. Christmas cookie cutter candles


7. Homemade candle in a fancy thrifted cup

Heart Naptime

8. Homemade soy candle

The Baker Chick.

9. DIY water candles

DIY Bama

10. DIY teacup candle

Dagmar’s Home made this homemade candle inside an old teacup. In fact, we like this idea so much that we’ve made these as gifts before!

11. Sand castle candles

Candle Tech made these sand castle candles, complete with some actual sand for detail and authenticity! Grab that tiny sand castle mould from your beach set that your kids don’t often use because it’s so small and put it to good use making DIY home décor.

12. Striped crayon candles

Adventures in Making

13. Hazelnut coffee soy candles

The Baker Chick.

14. Water marbled candles

D. Light Handmade.

15. Rainbow rolled beeswax candles

Homemade Serenity

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