Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts For Grandma and Grandpa

This time is more important than ever to allow grandchildren and grandparents to get together to learn from each other and enjoy life from a fresh perspective. Let’s take a look at the list!

1. Kids’ photo interchangeable outfit blocks

Meaningful Mama

2. Grandkids clothespin photo hanger

My Simple Obsession

3. Mod Podged photo planter

Mod Podge Rocks.

4. Handprint apron

Simply Kierste

5. Send-a-hug

Raising Arizona Kids

6. Handprint window wall hanger

 Not So Idle Hands

7. Handprint glass ball ornament

 A Sorta Fairytale

8. Rice filled sock heating snuggly


9. Hand and footprint Christmas tea towels

Let Kids Create

10. Grandkids photo bracelet

The Country Chic Cottage!

11. Watering can photo display

Sprinkle Some Fun

12. Thumbprint magnets

Busy Mom Vs Daily Grind

13. Generations photo project

Moose Photography

14. Scrabble family shadow box

This Is Sesame

15. Sand footprints keepsake

Paging Fun Mums.

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