Amazing DIY Christmas Ornaments

Handmade ornaments make great gifts and cheap, personalized Christmas decor for your tree or around your house! Besides, what is better than hosting an ornament making party?

We have compiled a great list of ideas from dough ornaments, to birdseed, to rustic charm, and plenty of ideas on how to fill round ornaments with fun items to fit any personality in your family! There is sure to be an idea here that will influence your Christmas decor, we know we found a few.

Read on to see the rest of the list!

Cinnamon Applesauce Dough Ornaments – These are easy to make and they smell divine thanks to the cinnamon and cloves! Use different cookie cutters to create unique designs and have fun with the project.

Cornstarch Clay Ornaments – If you have ever made salt dough you know how it keeps that off-white color and can get dry and cracked. Well, here is a great, clay-like alternative that stays brilliant white! Perfect as is or completely paintable.

Embossed Clay Ornaments – Same idea except embossed! We thought the idea of texturing with a sweater was quite ingenious and we love the result! Stamp some designs or use an embossing roller if you have one.

Beeswax Ornaments – These lovely beeswax ornaments are cute, relatively simple and they will add the delicious scent of beeswax to your home! Using molds to make your designs, this tutorial is easy to follow.

Origami Paper Stars – These paper stars are cute, easy to make, and can be used for so many things. Place them around the house, on a Christmas tree for decoration, or make a garland out of them!

Rustic Twig Snowflakes – These adorable, rustic snowflakes would make a great addition to any woodsy-themed Christmas decor. The twine, pine needles, and little buttons are a perfect little touch.

Spring Snowflakes – Using some springs, you can twist together these simple industrial-looking snowflakes to fit a rustic or steampunk decor. These are used to make a garland but you could just as easily string them up on a tree or around the house!

Icicles – These are everywhere during the Christmas season but did you know you can make them out of a plastic bottle? Make your own on the cheap and paint, color, or glitter them to your heart’s content!

Birdseed Ornaments – Make some cute, rustic, functional birdseed ornaments to hang outside for the winter birds still around. Or hang them on your tree and then hang them outside after the season.

Cocoa Filled Ornaments – Make an ornament and a functional gift! This tutorial shows you how to make three different “recipes” of hot cocoa filled ornaments with all the necessary fixings for a toasty mug of cocoa.

“Snowy” Ornament – Create a simple but gorgeous “snowy” ornament by brushing some glue on an ornament and then rolling it in epsom salt. This would look great on colored ornaments too for a nice frosty, icy look.

Marbled Painted Ornaments – Create streaky ornaments like these or follow the tutorial to create a more marbled look. Mix colors to personalize them and design the decor look you are looking for.

Pearl Painted Ornaments – Make these pearly looking ornaments with a bit of paint and glitter. The tutorial is easy to follow and has plenty of picture to follow along with. She even glittered the tops while the paint dried to create a unique look.

Glittered Ornaments – Similar to the painted pearl ornaments above, these lovely glittered ornaments add a bit of flair to any decor. Using a fine glitter offers a more thorough coverage and comes in plenty of different colors!

Rope Filled Ornaments – Fill your ornaments with rope, twine, or yarn to add a uniquely textured look to you Christmas decor. If you are going with shabby chic or rustic theme, these would be a perfect addition!

Shell and Sand Beach Ornament – Fill an ornament with some fine sand (in any color you might want) and small collected shells (or purchased) for a fun, simple, beachy Christmas decor.

Lettered Ornaments – Use letters to write a fun seasonal message on your ornaments and fill them with appropriate fillings. Pine needles, fake snow, small pom poms, Christmas bulbs, the list is endless!

Sprinkle Ornaments – We could not make this list without including these adorable sprinkle ornaments! These are perfect for anyone that loves color, rainbows, or candy! We are totally going to make some of these this year.

DIY Wood Medallion Chalkboard Christmas Ornament – These little wooden medallions are simply made from slices of logs, by adding the chalkboard pain, you can change up drawing each day depending on how you feel!

Dried Orange Ornaments – Not only do these dried fruit ornaments look super festive, they will make your home smell incredible too! They are in-expensive to make and last for ages!

Photo Transparency Christmas Ornament Silhouette – Make your tree decorations even more sentimental by making these transparent baubles which contain special memories of family and friends past and present!

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments – Do you recycle your bottle caps? Well here is a great little crafty project that is super easy and uses up all of those used bottle caps! Make a family of snowmen for your tree and they just come to life!

3D Deer Head Ornament – These wouldn’t look out of place in a lifestyle magazine! Wonderfully stylish and ooze sophistication. These would turn heads if scattered on your tree. What are you waiting for – head over to the tutorial!

CD Glitter Ball Baubles – Want to add some sparkle to your tree without the huge price tag, simply gather your old CD’s and turn an ordinary bauble into a beautifully stunning disco ball inspired ornament!

How To Make Macaroni Snowflakes – Dried pasta may not come to mind when you think of Christmas ornaments, but this is why this project is so inventive! Why not dip them in paint to match your existing color scheme or even glitter just like Katy Elliot did!

DIY Straw Stars – Straws are readily available, really cheap and easy to work with, making this project so simple yet rewarding. This video tutorial details all the steps you need to take to make these beautiful stars!

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