Amazing DIY Gifts for Men

Leather Journal. Creating a unique leather journal for your loved man is a fabulous gift idea if he loves writing. Personalize it with his name or initials. source



Lucky Penny Keychain. Use a simple penny to create a unique keychain for your favorite man whether it’s Husband, Father or Grandfather. This lucky keychain is a wonderful gift to express how fortunate he makes you feel. source


DIY Wallet. Make a personalized wallet for your boyfriend or husband by yourself to show how much you care about him. He will recall you whenever he sees the wallet. source


Monogrammed Mugs. Give men something useful like a personalized mug as a gift on special days. The monogrammed mugs are super easy to make. source


Handmade Gloves. This is a useful and practical present for men. And they are super easy and simple to make. source


Golf Headcover. It is a perfect gift idea to make a personalized golf headcover for your father or husband if he is a golf lover. source


DIY Photo Book. This is an awesome holiday gift for men, especially for your boyfriend. And it is super easy to create this unique photo book. source


Leather Glasses Case. Create a leather glasses case for your loved man to store his glasses. This little item is an inexpensive and considerate present. source


Manly Man Apron. If your father or husband is a big fan of cooking, then making a macho apron for him is a perfect gift idea. And this present is very economic. source


Charging Station. Create a charging station for your husband to help him keep his electronic devices together and fully charged. This present is both useful and decorative. source


Magnetic Wristband. It is a wonderful gift idea to make a magnetic wristband for your father or husband if he is often dealing with things like screws, nails or pins. This is a very thoughtful and practical present for men. source


Homemade Shaving Cream. It is a great gift idea to make a personalized shaving cream that men often use for your father or husband. source


Cup Cozy. Make a simple cup cozy for your brother or boyfriend to keep him from burning his hands if coffee is his drink of choice. It is an economical and thoughtful present. source


Beach Vacation Kit. This is a thoughtful and practical present for men. It is very sweet of you to prepare specific beach vacation kits for the important men in your life to make their vacation awesome. source


Beer Flowers. It is a fun way to give beers to your father or husband as a gift. Beer flowers is a great gift choice for men because no man dislikes beers. source


Tea Wreath. This beautiful tea wreath is a perfect gift for any tea-lover. This is a great man’s gift choice for your father or grandfather if he loves drinking tea. source


Manly Hand Scrub. This is an excellent gift idea for hardworking man like your father or husband. Create a manly hand scrub to make his hands smooth and clean because hardworking hands take a beating. source


Chess Set. If your favorite man is fond of playing chess, then a distinctive chess set is an amazing gift choice. Use some nuts and bolts to create a personalized set for him. source


Personalized Beer Crate. It is a cool way to give your favorite man beers in a unique crate as a present on special days like his birthday or Christmas. source


Favorite Food. Both men and women love delicious food. If you are dealing with a foodie, making him his favorite food like cupcakes or cookies on his birthday or other holidays is an excellent gift idea. source

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