Amazing DIY Laptop Cases

Awesome sleeve designs and you’ll soon realize that DIY sleeves can be just about anything but boring!

1. Floral zip case

The Late Afternoon

2. Chevron envelope case


3. Quilted geometry case


4. Navaho print clutch

Tiny Blue Apartment

5. Plaid zippered

Design Sponge

6. No-sew “stitched” pleather

A Cup of Sparkle

7. Woodgrain with a sash

Katie Cupcake

8. Fabric scraps with a button

Ars Technica

9. Unfolding laptop cozy

 Design Sponge

10. Suede and a leather strap


11. Vintage towel case

 The Vintage Chica

12. Quilted case

Introvert’s Introduction

13. Pin up girls and a belt buckle

Kirsten Jane

14. Wool sport coat case

 That’s My Letter

15. Tied leather wrap

Camille Styles

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