Amazing DIY Pearl Crafts

All of these ideas are easy to do, and they can all be created using things you can either find at home or purchase cheaply and easily.

1. Pearl wedding bouquet

JK Wedding Craft.

2. Pearl flower embellishments


3. Pearl and lace watch wristband

Dream A Little Bigger

4. Pearl ladder necklace

Crafts Unleashed

5. Framed pearl tiara art

Angela Holt Designs

6. Hanging woven pearl earrings


7. DIY pearl and bow earrings

Curly Made

8. Lace flower and pearl Anthropologie recreation

 Little Miss Momma

9. DIY pearls from hot glue


10. Embroidery wrapped pearl bangles

 Ventuno Art

11. Cute satin and pearl flower


12. Pearl and wire bird’s nest necklace

Crafts Unleashed.

13. DIY pearl sunglasses

Mr. Kate

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