Amazing DIY Projects Made With Pom Poms

Whether you’re wanting to transform your home decor, add intrigue to items of clothing, makeover your favorite accessories or simply create the most spectacular pom poms you’ve ever laid eyes on – Trust us, it’s all here.

1. DIY pom pom blanket

A Little Craft in Your Day

2. Valentine pom pom monsters

Crafts Unleashed

3. Funny pom pom birds

Molly Moo Crafts 

4. Pom pom Pikachu

 Flying Mio

5. DIY pom pom wreath

Life Sew Savory

6. DIY pom pom flowers


7. Crocheted and pom pom lamp shade

Sew and So.

8. Pretty pom pom paper clips


9. DIY crazy pom pom pillow

A Kailo Chic Life

10. DIY pom pom key fob

Made in A Day

11. DIY pom pom rug


12. DIY pom pom pumpkins

Crafts Unleashed!

13. Hanging tissue paper pom poms

DIY Projects

14. DIY layered pom pom tote tassel

We Are Scout

15. DIY yarn pom pom fairies

Art & Joy

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