Amazing DIY Ribbon Crafts

Crafting with ribbon is great because it’s so versatile. You can fold it, loop it, and twist it into the most amazing shapes! Just give these projects a try, and we know you’ll get inspired to try out your own ribbon craft ideas.

1. Ribbon, button, and hair elastic bookmarks

Sparkles of Sunshine

2. Washi tape and ribbon wands

Becoming Martha

3. Curled paper and ribbon baby shower wishes

The Crafty Mummy

4. Beautiful ribbon Kanzashi beetles

Cool Creativity.

5. Plastic bottle and curled ribbon flower vase

Art and Craft

6. DIY satin ribbon and pearl flowers

Srujana TV

7. Beautiful layered, cinched hair bows

Julia DIY folded thick silk ribbons to make ruffles and cinched them in the middle to make a nearly-classic bow shape, but with ribbon loops on either end.

8. Ribbon scrap and branch wall hanging

Life Is a Party

9. The perfect paper gift bow


10. Delicate ribbon and seed bead flowers

 Cut Out and Keep

11. Loomed ribbon flowers


12. DIY ribbon flower pens

 Living Well Mom

13. Twisted ribbon and bow wrapped vase


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