Amazing DIY Self-Watering Planters

es there are quite a few fancy self-watering planters available in stores as well but they tend to be pretty expensive whereas these ones are super cheap and easy to make.

1. Wine Bottle

The Garden Glove

2. Mason Jar

Homestead Brooklyn.

3. Soda Pop

Handmade by Kelly

4. A Box

From Play Dates to Parties

5. Milk Jug

Must Have Mom.

6. Modern Style


7. Wooden Setup


8. Recycle Beer

California Home and Garden.

9. Simply Done

Make Magazine

10. Tin Tub

The Kitchen Garten.

11. Any Pot

Little Victorian will show you how to take essentially any pot and turn it into a makeshift, self-watering planter for your green dreams. It’s super easy to follow with all the photo evidence you need. Even the most novice of DIYers can get this one done.

12. Low-Cost


13. Three Hacks

Hello Glow

14. Mini Concrete


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