Amazing DIY Wind Chimes

Check out the step by step tutorials to learn how to make some awesome DIY wind chimes for your porch or patio today!

1. Tiny glass bottle wind chimes

Room and Bath

2. Hand painted bamboo wind chimes

Icon Home Designs

3. Wood and bead wind chimes

Garden Therapy

4. Painted branch and key wind chimes

DIY Home Décor Guide

5. Bead and spoon chimes

Life in Crafts

6. Upcycled wrench chimes

Hot Glue and Sparkles.

7. Painted tin can and embroidery hoop chimes

Cage Free Mom.

8. Tiny flower pot chimes


9. Teapot and tea cup chimes

The Whoot 

10. Wine bottle wind chimes

Bottles Uncorked

11. Polished and painted shell chimes

Fairy Truths.

12. Seashell and starfish chimes


13. Beer bottle wind chime

Hub Pages

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