Amazing Easter Bonnet or Hat Ideas

Here are some creative tips full of creation sparks to DIY beautiful and cool bonnets for you loved ones.


Cute Bunny Easter Bonnet. Try this cute bunny by applying pipe cleaners to make its whiskers as well as ears, glue its rectangle teeth and goodly eyes. Secure the bow ribbons for some decoration. Well, an adorable bunny is ready to greet you.source


Easter Bonnets Inspiration Hat Box. This great inspirational hat box comes from Alice in Wonderland series. The playing card element adds a magic flavor to this cool hat box and the bunny ears at the top makes it funnier.source


Simple Easter Hat. Make this hat with used buttons instead of pom poms. Make sure that you glue the ears on the back so they would stay straight with extra weight. Try to DIY such a simple Easter hat by yourself. It can bring your kid a lot of fun!source


Easter Bunny Ears Plate Hat. Use two simple tools to get this cute plate hat. All you need is a pair of scissors and a paper plate. Fold the plate in half and then you can draw the bunny ear to decide make your hat decoration. After cutting the holes, you can paint the ears pink.source


Rainbow Sherbet Frilly Easter Hat. This beautiful large frilly hat has a good combination of colors from the rainbow. With decorations of feathers, ribbon, beaded flower butterfly, it turns a little girl into the princess.source


Chicken Easter Hat. Use a crap load of colorful chickens and some purple dots to decorate your Easter hat. It turns out really amazing. It’s wonderful to go for the Easter hat parade.source


EASTER HAT FAVORS DIY. Glue cardstock to the cupcake liner with beautiful patterns to make it stronger. Glue the cupcake liner filled with candy to the one with cardstock. Attaching some decorations such as ribbons or bows to make it more beautiful.source


Sweet Easter Bonnet. This Easter bonnet is so cute. DIY it with craft paper to form the hat model and you can paint your beautiful pattern with the color you like. As usual, glue the ears and then you can make some decorations with colorful tissue paper and tiny Easter eggs.source


Pretty Floppy Easter Hat with Flowers. This Feminine Women’s Easter Bonnet is made from champagne organza with multi layers of sloppy brim. Decorated with vintage roses and peonies, it light up the beauty of a fashionable lady. source


Chicken Styled Easter Bonnet. This adorable Easter bonnet with chicken style is made up of yellow and white craft paper. Glue the eye and mouth, then put some straws to decorate it.source


Dinosaur Easter Bonnet. This dinosaur Easter hat is so cool. Buy a large-size straw hat, then decorate it with dinosaurs, Easter eggs and leaves, you’ll get this amazing art-piece.source


Easter Hat Parade. Wearing this glittering Easter hat with colorful Easter eggs and bow at the top for you parade. It’s so wonderful with the cutest little bunny song went along.source


Flower Garden Easter Bonnet. Use colorful flowers foam stickers to cover the hat. Stick the grass from green sheets of foam around the hat. Tie the lengthy ribbons in a bow at last to finish off its beautiful design.source


Bunny Parade Bonnet. Create the bunny body by sticking pom-poms of two different sizes, glue the eyes ,the bow and the ears from the pink sheets of foam. Decorate all the bunnies, flower embellishments on the plain hat.source


Big Bird Bonnet. It’s so great to see this cute soar with its feather wings. Apply tacky glue around the hat and cover it with feathers, poke a few of them to create the tail. Use a gold triangle to make its beak.source


Bunny Easter Hat Decoration. Glue the ears from the form sheet of white and pink. Make the whiskers using pipe cleaners, stick the mouth and apply 3 pom poms above the whiskers. Finish it off with the colorful ribbon bow. This can be used to decorate the door too.source


Easter Bonnet Dressy Hat. This adorable ester bonnet dressy hat is so well-refined for your baby or young kids with crochet pattern. The dressy hat and the crochet purse are just a perfect match.source


Flower Wreath Easter Hat. Decorate your Easter hat with a beautiful flower wreath, add some flowers, butterflies, beadings and tulle bows to decorate it. It can’t be prettier.source


Rustic Look Easter Hat. How to add the rustic flavor to Easter hat? Apply white fence from craft foam and purple lavender above this around the hat. Tie the yellow ribbon into a bow at the back. You can add some other decorations to make this hat more colorful.source

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Butterflies Easter Bonnet. Use floral paste paper to create this butterfly Easter bonnet with amazing grace. Cover the folding colorful butterflies from scrapbooking papers with paper flowers all over the top of your bonnet. Finally, add some flowers around the rim.source


Paper Plate Easter Bonnet. Start with a paper place and cut it out with rough spiral sketch. Using a regular straw to support it. Use butterflies with different patterns and color to decorate it.source

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Rabbit Flower Pom Easter Bonnet. Secure raffia around the brim of your bonnet. Attach the ears to your bonnet and decorate it with fuller flower poms made of tissue paper of multi-layers.source


Colorful Strips Easter Bonnet. Roll the paper into a cylinder and cut the strips, glue the opposing ends and leave one to make the handle. Cut colorful strips to apply this pattern around the cylinder. Stick this with the plate and finish off this Easter hat with some foam stars or teddy confetti.source


Lovely Easter Bonnet DIY by a Little Girl. I just can’t believe my eyes. The lovely girl can DIY such a beautiful craft all by herself. She is trying to stick the pattern around the brim and add the beading and pom poms to decorate her bonnet for the girls Easter bonnet competition at her school.source


Nest Styled Easter Hat. It looks like a nest at the top of the hat by sticking down a handful of the shredded purple to the top. Then fasten the paper chain around the edge of the bonnet and tie ribbons to fasten the hanging colorful eggs.source

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