Amazing Halloween Bat Craft Ideas

It’s the ideal time of year to discuss all things nocturnal with the kids now that Autumn has here, the nights are becoming darker, and Halloween is just around the horizon. The bat is a fascinating and much favored nighttime animal.

If you keep an eye out, you could be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of some actual ones zipping through your yard as twilight falls. They are such incredible creatures!

1. Egg carton bats and ghosts

Zing Zing Tree

2. Pom pom bats

Red Ted Art

3. Conker bat pencil topper

Red Ted Art! 

4. Hanging bats

El Hadad e Papel 

5. Black felt pencil toppers

Twig and Toadstool 

6. Bottle top bats

Love and Lollipops 

7. Bat themed Halloween matching game

Happy Hooligans 

8. Flapping bat


9. Coffee filter and pom pom bat

Buggie and Jelly Bean 

10. Bat finger puppet

My Baby Faves.

11. Paper cup bat candy basket

First Palette

12. Pop up bats

Willow Day shows you how to make the cylinder and construct the bat so it pops out the top and back in when you push and pull the stick at the bottom.

13. Origami bats

Layers of Learning

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