Amazing Spray Paint DIY Ideas

DIY details you can do around the house with leftover spray paint you might already have. Will one of these spark an idea for you this weekend?

1 Refurbishing Wrought Iron Furniture


1. Refurbishing Wrought Iron Furniture (via Just Another Hang Up)

2 New Locker Baskets Turned Vintage


2. New Locker Baskets Turned Vintage: Aging Locker Baskets (via It All Started with Paint)

3 Spray Painted Rain Boots


3. Spray Painted Rain Boots: As newbies to the Pacific Northwest, we quickly learned that rain boots are a necessity. As a chronic DIY-er, I decided to pick up some plain black chore rain boots from Walmart (Target sells them too)and fancy them up a bit. (via Delia Creates)

4 Spray Paint Your Rubber Boots


4. Spray Paint Your Rubber Boots (via At Home in the Northwest)

5 Golden Straw Bunting


Golden Straw Bunting (via Oleander and Palm)

6 Make Mirrored Gazing Balls


Make Mirrored Gazing Balls: Here at TGG we have found a really cool way to make mirrored balls for the garden, using recycled materials and an inexpensive product from the craft store, and they don’t break! Here it is, how to make mirrored gazing balls for the garden, on a budget! (via The Garden Glove)

7 Paint Shelf Gold


Paint Shelf Gold (via Style Spellbook)

8 Gold Magnetic Letters


Gold Magnetic Letters: Okay, so I have a super easy and totally fabulous I Create for you today! You know how much I’m loving gold these days. Well, Im taking it to a whole new level with this project. As much as I wish I could take credit for the awesomeness, I actually saw the idea on Pinterest. (via Inspired by Charm)

9 Golden Hippo Necklace


Golden Hippo Necklace: DIY Gold Hippo Necklace (via Lovely Indeed)

10 Alligator Jar


Alligator Jar (via ‘A Casarella)

11 Spray Painting on Fabric


Spray Painting on Fabric: Spray Painting Fabric (via The Happier Homemaker)

12 Spray on Curtain Rod


Spray on Curtain Rod (via House of Hepworths)

13 Kitchen Clock Makeover


Kitchen Clock Makeover: The Secrets of a Southern Girl (via Southern Girl Secrets)

14 Large Outdoor Planters


Large Outdoor Planters: We are finally beginning to settle into our new home. And as a result, I am already starting to make the place our own with little decorative touches here and there. Our new house is actually a… (via The Spotted Lamb)

15 Spray Paint on Knobs


Spray Paint on Knobs (via Honey Haven)

16 Overstock Vanity Desk Makeover


Overstock Vanity Desk Makeover (via Honey and Fitz)

17 Glossy Baskets


Glossy Baskets (via Two Delighted)

18 Trash Can Makeover


Trash Can Makeover: Mari makes her trashcan more elegant with a little bit of spray paint. (via Crab and Fish)

19 Spraying Painting Vinyl


Spraying Painting Vinyl (via Little Green Notebook)

20 Chrysanthemum Clock from Plastic Spoons


Chrysanthemum Clock from Plastic Spoons: Create a stunning chrysanthemum clock from plastic spoons and a store bought clock! Spray paint makes this clock fit into any decor color scheme. (via That’s What Che Said)

21 Color Blocked Vases


Color Blocked Vases (via Living Savvy)

22 Golden Logs


Golden Logs: This project is a part of The Proper Pinwheels holiday series, Mission: Merry 2012. This is one of my favorite holiday projects so far. I was perusing through Anthro one lunch hour (like I usually do!), and happened upon the most beautiful log candles that were gold. The entire thing was wax, but it had…Read More (via Proper)

23 Gold and Pink Dinosaurs


Gold and Pink Dinosaurs (via Jenna Beth Day)

24 Stenciled Spray Painted Bottles


Stenciled Spray Painted Bottles: Get some inspiration and tips for spray painting and stenciling bottles from Stenciled Spray Painted Bottles. A post where I share how I turned drab to fab. (via Believe n Inspire)

25 Blue Mercury Glass


Blue Mercury Glass: When I saw a challenge at The CSI Project to create something with items from the dollar store, I knew exactly what (via Morena’s Corner)

26 Spray Paint on PVC Pipe


Spray Paint on PVC Pipe: What classic color scheme is better for a shared His-N-Hers office than good ol’ black, white, and red? Well, okay,… (via 7 Layer Studio)

27 Spray on Flowers


Spray on Flowers: Fairy tale wedding inspiration board with lots of ideas for a romantic fairy tale gold wedding. (via Burnetts Boards)

28 Dresser Makeover


Dresser Makeover (via Richmond Thrifter)

29 Make Wind Stalks with Ping Pong Balls and Glass Looking Paint


Make Wind Stalks with Ping Pong Balls and Glass Looking Paint: Shiny globes hover and sway on a slender stalk, reflecting the light to create a shining focal point for your landscape. (via Gardeners)

30 Plant Hanger as Curtain Hook


Plant Hanger as Curtain Hook: While rummaging through every junk drawer, closet, and storage space in our home for our recent yard sale, we stumbled across an old plant hook. Picked up at an antique store during our last visit to Cincinnati, the purchase had almost slipped our minds. Almost. So as a daily reminder (never one to (via Yellow Brick Home)

31 Upgrade Your Plastic Bins


Upgrade Your Plastic Bins: Take plastic bins from the dollar store and upgrade them using metallic spray paint to give them a tin finish! (via

32 Dalek Dresser


Dalek Dresser: Dalek Dresser Doctor Who furniture (via ADD Housewife)

33 Create a Portable Diary with Measuring Tape


Create a Portable Diary with Measuring Tape: I was sitting on the sofa thinking what to do next and I had a tape measure near by. I played with it a bit and thought what a clever mechanism it is. Why has it remained the sole domain of measurement? I decided to try and think of a new use. Firstly I sprayed (via Variations on Normal)

34 Painting Switch or Plug Plates


Painting Switch or Plug Plates (via Dixie of All Trades)

35 Use Gold Tape for Boring Fridge


Use Gold Tape for Boring Fridge: Downsizing a home would be an unbelievably daunting task for most of us, but for Ruth Allen of … (via The Everygirl)

36 Update Your Vent Covers


Update Your Vent Covers (via The Frugal Homemaker)

37 Chunky Chain Necklace


Chunky Chain Necklace: description (via Crème de la Craft)

38 Kitchen Canister Makeover


Kitchen Canister Makeover (via Recaptured Charm)

39 Coffee Table Makeover


Coffee Table Makeover: The living room in our home is not to large, not to small… but just right. It’s cozy and inviting; the perfect spot for spending time with all the people we love (just not all at one time, of course!). As I began to refurbish the bachelor-esque living room after getting married, I was super (via The Refurbished Life)

40 Gold and White Bowls


Gold and White Bowls: Ever saw something gorgeous and thought “I can make that!”? Well, not exactly make it but create something similar that was inspired by it? When I saw this… I was completely inspired to make this… Here’s the easy how to: In my opinion, every self-proclaimed diy’er needs to own a can of gold spray paint. (via Le Zoe Musings)

41 Cuckoo Clock Makeover


Cuckoo Clock Makeover (via Please Note)

42 Lighting Makeover


Lighting Makeover (via Running with Scissors)

43 Make your vases and lamps look like mercury glass


Make your vases and lamps look like mercury glass (via Sherri’s Jubilee)

44 Mercury Glass


Mercury Glass: Thermometers, The Solar System, Queen, my living room. All things that have an element of mercury in them. (If you don’t have an ounce of love in your heart for Freddie Mercury, his tight white pa… (via Interiors by Kenz)

45 Gold Striped Vases


Gold Striped Vases: Tutorial on how to make gold striped vases with vases from the dollar store, spray paint, and painters and washi tape. (via Two Twenty One)

46 Elephant Key Hooks


Elephant Key Hooks (via Creative Soul Spectrum)

47 Spray on Dead Branches


Spray on Dead Branches: Game Of Thrones Themed Wedding (via Weddingomania)

48 Faucet Face Lift


Faucet Face Lift (via Bonfires and Wine)

49 Spray Paint Door Knobs


Spray Paint Door Knobs: I’ve been wondering if it was really possible to Spray Paint Door Knobs. Well, I am happy to report YES YOU CAN! VERY easy to do and cheap too!! (via iSave A to Z)

50 Gold Decor Lights


Gold Decor Lights: Some easy and fun ways to add some gold Christmas decorations to your holiday decor this year! (via Landeelu)

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