Amazing Things To Make Out Of Old Bottles & Cartons

We have scoured the web and compiled this “mega list” sharing some of the most interesting ways to re-use and up-cycle old bottles from all kinds of materials.

Plastic Bottle Bowling For Kids – A great way to recycle and keep the kids entertained.

Plastic Bottle Toy Containers – These are so useful if your kids have lost the original boxes for their toys, a cool in-expensive way to store all sorts.

Colourful Water Bottle Game – A fun way to educate and play with your toddler. The colours will have them fascinated.

Juice Bottle Bug Catcher – A clever way to explore the garden and catch little creepy crawlies to have a better look and then put them back unharmed.

Lighthouse Bottle Lamp – This craft session can be made with children and would brighten up any dull rainy day.

Donald Duck Hoop Game – This fun game can be played by all ages and is a great way to encourage children to play outside rather than on computer games.

Bottle Print Painting – Why not use old bottle to make and create funky art with your children.

Piggy Bank Bottle – Re-use your old bottle to make a useful piggy bank – allowing you to save the pennies.

Milk Bottle Boat – Make story time fun and imaginative with this creative craft.

DIY Bottle Catching Game – This is a really cheap way to invent a fun game kids will love.

Easter Flower Bottles – These cute and spring like bottles have been up-cycled to look brand new and funky.

Spooky Container Jug Lights – If you are planning a scary themed party then this should be on your craft list must do!

Watering Can Bottle Makeover – Turn an un-wanted bottle into a very practical and money saving watering can.

Cute Bottle Vase– These super cute DIY vases, are so simple to make, they would make a great addition to any nursery.

Pencil Holders – A great colourful way to store pencils – making colouring time much more fun!

Re-usable Lunch Boxes – This is such a great way to use old bottles – a clever way to save money for things that matter most.

Milk Bottle Herb Garden –  These provide a really cheap alternative to store bought pots, a great way to improvise for free.

Milk Carton School Bus – A fun way to get crafty with your kids – cartons are a must have in your craft box – they are so versatile.

Milk Carton Lamps – A stylish way to up-cycle cartons into these beautiful lamps – a perfect addition to any room.

Bird House From A Bottle – Get closer to nature with these bird houses made from bottles – a great project for Spring.

Water Bottle Bubbles – A fun and exciting way to entertain kids – forget the over priced bubbles at the shops.

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