Amazing Things To Make With Paper Rolls

Why recycle when you can upcycle? With 39 amazing paper roll crafts you’ll find plenty here to keep you busy. We’ve broken the list up into different sections…so you’ll be able to keep the littlest hands busy while you get down to some serious crafting.

Adult Paper Roll Crafts:

  1. DIY Paper Roll Coasters
  2. How To Make Flowers From Paper Rolls
  3. DIY Scarf Hanger
  4. Fake Brass Wall Clock
  5. How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Lamp
  6. Super Easy DIY Ribbon/Lace Spool
  7. DIY No Sew Glasses Case
  8. How To Fake Wrought Iron
  9. How To Make A Mirror With Paper Rolls
  10. DIY Party Favors
  11. Toilet Roll Music Note Wall Art
  12. DIY Faux Iron Gate
  13. How To Make Napkin Holders From Toilet Paper Rolls
  14. Toilet Paper Roll Pin Cushion
  15. Faux Metal Picture Frame
  16. Turn A Toilet Paper Roll Into An Elegant Cuff
  17. Toilet Paper Mini Photo Album
  18. How To Make Fun Wall Art With Paper Rolls

Outdoor Paper Roll Crafts:

  1. Ingenious Campfire Starters
  2. Toilet Roll Seed Starters
  3. DIY Bird Feeders
  4. Super Simple Wind Socks

Kids Paper Roll Crafts:

  1. Cat In The Hat From Toilet Paper Rolls
  2. How To Make A Paper Roll Giraffe
  3. Toilet Paper Monsters
  4. Super Simple DIY Bean Tunnel Game
  5. Paper Roll Color Match Game
  6. DIY Toilet Paper Octopus
  7. How To Make Pendant With Paper Rolls
  8. DIY Paper Roll Caterpillar 
  9. DIY Paper Roll Pencil Organizer

Holiday Paper Roll Crafts:

  1. LED Christmas Candle Holder
  2. Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes
  3. How To Make A Paper Roll Advent Calendar
  4. Toilet Paper Christmas Lights – Decorative Garland
  5. Toilet Roll Reindeer Decoration
  6. DIY Paper roll Wreath
  7. Easy Snowmen
  8. Paper Roll Gift Box

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