Amazing Things To Make With Terracotta Pots

Stacks of old Victorian pots and hand fork among the herbs in the veg patch

The great thing about these terracotta pot craft projects is that you don’t necessarily have to use brand new pots…if you’ve got some old ones hidden somewhere then why not put them to good use?

Make Your Own Flower Pot Gumball Machine – Whether you’ve got a birthday party or a baby shower coming up, this craft is perfect for any dessert table. They’re made with dollar store materials and are super easy to put together!

DIY Flower Pot Pincushion – Treat yourself to a flower pot pincushion! It’s a great way to reuse an old terracotta pot…and an even better way to keep those pins safe! Gift it to someone who loves sewing and they will be more than impressed!

Make Your Own Table Top Grill – Invite your friends over and impress them all with this fantastic miniature grill. It’s a fun way to serve food outside on a summers evening…think shish kabobs and marshmallows!

How To Make A Flower Pot Person For Your Garden – Making clay pot people is a whimsical way to personalize your yard. The characters are easy to create but it’s your imagination and artistic flair that make your clay pot people come alive!

DIY Cupcake Stand – Cupcakes are a great treat to have on display at parties or gatherings and this homemade stand is sure to be the center of attention!

Homemade Cactus Refrigerator Magnets – This cute little cactus magnet is perfect for the fridge! It’s a quick and easy DIY that adds a bit of kitsch to the kitchen!

How To Make Terracotta Pot Pendant Lamps – An ordinary reclaimed terracotta garden pot, turn it upside down, add a ceiling cord set, and hang it as ceiling pendant lamp…this craft couldn’t be easier if it tried!

Chalkboard Painted Herb Pots – Put a personal touch on potted plants with these chalkboard pots. You could write a message or draw a picture for the perfect addition to your garden.


Flower Pot Cupcakes – Now you can jazz up your cupcakes and transform them into adorable, edible flower pots with this fantastic tutorial! Everyone will be so impressed with the results that they will almost not want to eat them…but they’re just too tempting to resist!

DIY Jewelry Stand – Not only does this look fantastic when it’s finished but it’s also a great way to up-cycle!

Terracotta Pot Accent Table – If you’re in need of a sturdy yet stunning accent table then you’ve come to the right place! This project couldn’t be simpler and it only costs $20 to complete.

DIY Terracotta Coasters – No one likes dirty stains or ring marks on their coffee tables so why not protect them with these fantastic and original DIY coasters?

DIY Bird Feeder From A Flower Pot – Bird feeders are a great way to invite wildlife into your garden cheaply and easily. With just a little effort, and the help of a flower pot, you can create a bird friendly space.

Make Your Own Bird Bath – Simple, elegant and easy to build this is a bird bath that you’re going to want to make.


Flower Pot Wind Chime – Create this elegant wind chime to make a naturally occurring melody which will help you relax in peace.

DIY Terracotta Votives – Not only will this stunning candle holder bring a warming touch of the outdoors into you home, it will also provide a rustically elegant feature too.

DIY Hanging Pot Planters – Terracotta pots are the usual go-to containers for most gardeners, but why not try doing something different with them? These hanging planters are easy to make and lovely to look at!

Make Your Own Mod Podge Pots – A terracotta pot gets a cheap and easy makeover in this fantastic project. Using basic craft supplies you can add any image or print to your pots, giving any garden that extra bit of flair!

How To Heat A Room With Flower Pots & Tea Lights – This simple way to heat any room utilizes the wasted heat from a candle and creates a small indoor space heater which only needs 8 tea lights and two terracotta pots!

How To Make A Topsy-Turvy Plant Tower – Defy gravity with this impressive ‘wonky’ plant pot tower. It’s easy to do and takes no time to make, but looks extraordinary when finished.

DIY Chandelier Planter – Allow your foliage to take center stage with this artistic idea. Using a salvaged chandelier and some terracotta pots you can replace the traditional hanging baskets and display your plants in an interesting and unique way!


How To Make S’mores In A Terracotta Pot – This is an amazing idea to get camp fire like s’mores from the comfort of your garden. There’s no need for a fire place, bonfire or a fire pit…all you need is a terracotta pot!

How To Make A Terracotta Rain Chain – This unique terracotta rain chain manages the run off around your home in a functional, but beautiful way. The rain chain will have everyone envious of your originality and your handy craftsmanship but don’t worry, it’s easy to make!

Transferring Images Onto Terracotta Flower Pots – Transfer any image you want onto a terracotta pot with this simple tutorial, and create a rustically elegant decoration for your home or the garden.

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