Amazing Ways To Refashion Your Clothes

So whether you want a new dress, a fun top or that jaw dropping party outfit grab something old and turn it into something new with the 18 inspiring and fantastic ideas we found online!

DIY Printed Mini Dress

When Geneva found this unflattering collared dress in her local thrift store she knew she could transform it into a new Saturday night party dress!

Make Your Own Lace Sleeve Tank Top

Sometimes a plain tank top just doesn’t cut it so if you’re looking to jazz up one you already own then this is the post you need!

8 Second Skirt From A Shirt

If you thought it was impossible to make a cute new skirt in just 8 seconds then you were not alone…but this project will show you how! All you need is an old shirt!

10 Ways To Turn A Scarf Into A Vest

We’ve got ten for the price of one with this post which will help you to transform your scarves into vests! The best part is half of them simply use a few clever knots so you wont even need a needle and thread!

DIY Fringe T-Shirt

Add some fringing to your t-shirt and it will instantly look like a new piece!

Dress To Kimono DIY

Kimono’s are all the rage right now but don’t worry if you can’t afford the expensive ones in stores because this one will cost you nothing.

DIY Bow Top

Glamorous, sophisticated and easy to make…there is no better combination!

How To Make A Colorblock Dress From T-Shirts

Three drab pieces into one fab piece? Sounds perfect to us!

Peplum Skirt Tutorial

Inspired by an Anthropologie skirt she saw, Sarah transformed one of her pencil skirts to create a whole new look for half the price!

How To Diamond Smock Your T-Shirt

Create more depth and volume in your flat fabrics with this pretty pattern. It’s a simple process but boy is it an effective result.

Make A Pom Pom Hat From A Sweater

With the weather turning chilly there is no better, or more stylish, way to keep warm than with these adorable pom pom hats made from old sweaters!

How To Add A Braided Neckline

You don’t need to make massive changes in order to update your wardrobe…a little braiding will do just the trick!

DIY Lace Shorts

Grab a pair of tired-looking shorts from your closet, grab some lace and you’re one step away from owning a pair of shorts as lovely as these!

Make Your Own Punky Pullover

If you thought safety pins were just craft supplies then you couldn’t be more wrong…they make great embellishments for clothes too! Cheap, simple and unique!

Skirt To Dress Refashion

Perhaps you’re fed up of the style of an old skirt but you can’t bring yourself to part with the fabric? Now you wont have to because this tutorial will show you how to refashion it into a stunning new dress!

Knotted T-Shirt Headband

We love the idea of upcycling a t-shirt into a fashionable headband. It’s so easy and this video tutorial will guide you through the whole process.

How To Add A Crochet Trim

Make a tight t-shirt wearable again by adding some cool crochet panels down the sides.

Transform Straight Legged Jeans To Skinny Jeans

Transforming a pair of unflattering jeans into a stylish must-have has never been as easy as this!

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