Awesome Balloon Party Crafts

A brilliant compilation of balloon projects perfect for birthdays, holiday parties, weddings, and more?

1. Confetti dipped balloons

Studio DIY

2. Confetti and rolled cash balloons

Sugar and Charm

3. DIY balloon surprise

Studio DIY

4. Hot air balloon cupcakes

Tip Junkie

5. Mickey Mouse balloon door wreath

 Confessions of A Plate Addict

6. Simple balloon yo-yo


7. DIY balloon juggling balls

Tip Junkie

8. Water balloon spoon race game

Two Shades of Pink.

9. Candy pinata balloons

The Gunny Sack

10. Frozen balloon ice marbles

Queen Vanna

11. Marshmallow and pom pom shooters

Come Together Kids

12. Balloon message invitation cards

Cool Creativity

13. DIY rainbow confetti balloons

Toby and Roo

14. Marbled baby shower balloons

Balloon Time

15. DIY floral balloon bouquet

Martha Stewart

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