Awesome DIY Alcohol Ink Jewelry

A collection of some Awesome DIY Alcohol Ink Jewelry. Take a look!

1. Alcohol ink glass gem necklaces

Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog.

2. Alcohol ink flower jewelry dishes

Hearth & Vine shows you how to make your own in surprisingly few steps.

3. Alcohol ink and foil glass pendants with a frame

Rainbow Lane

4. Acrylic alcohol ink bangle

Dream a Little Bigger

5. Alcohol ink washer necklaces

Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog.

6. Alcohol ink washer and bent wire design necklaces


7. Metal alcohol ink earrings

Jewelry Making Journal

8. Marbled stone alcohol ink pendants

 Dixie Girlxox

9. Alcohol ink domino pendants

Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog

10. Polymer clay alcohol ink jewelry


11. Resin alcohol ink pendants

Resin Obsession

12. Shrinky Dinks and alcohol ink pendants

Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog

13. Alcohol ink and resin rainbow swirl bracelet

Resin Obsession

14. Paper bead and alcohol ink bracelets

Fun Crafts to Do at Home.

15. Translucent polymer clay and alcohol ink necklace

The Blue Bottle Tree

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