Awesome DIY Cutlery Holders

A collection some beautiful ideas for DIY cutlery holders that can go with you wherever you go!

1. Simple White Cutlery Holder 

One of the greatest lessons we all eventually learn in life is that beauty lies in the simple things in life. Minimalism can be so rewardingly gorgeous! Check out this angelically white cutlery holder by A Pair & A Spare that honors simplicity and helps you create a serene ambiance!

2. Floral Cutlery Holder 

Enjoying picnics is all about connecting with nature as you’re hanging out with your closest people and indulging in a delicious pre-made food. If you want your cutlery holder to reflect your love of nature, we found the most beautiful one with a floral print at Burda Style!

3. Plaid Cutlery Holder 

Decide to go old-fashioned and make a classy plaid cutlery holder that is going to accompany you on numerous picnics to come and so become a part of the most precious memories you’ll be making with your family and friends! You can find the tutorial at Me and My Shadow.

4. Festive Cutlery Holder 

Cutlery holders aren’t just for picnics. You can use them to create a very special and festive ambiance. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party in your garden in the summer or a cozy lunch indoors during the colder months, the cutlery holder by Quilt Story is a great choice!

5. Paper Bag Cutlery Holder 

Using natural and recyclable materials to create your cutlery holders is a great (and green) option when you know you’ll be needing several of them for a bigger gathering.  Check in with Catch My Party to find out how paper bags can be transformed into innovative cutlery holders!

6. Denim Cutlery Holder 

Denim is one of those materials that we always love repurposing, especially because we can always find an old pair of jeans in our closet that we haven’t worn in ages! Visit WikiHow to see the instructions for a really simple and super travel-friendly denim cutlery pouch!

7. Christmas Stocking Cutlery Holder 

It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas, so if you’re loving the idea of cutlery holders and are already wondering how you can make them a part of December’s festivities, Yasmin Elizabeth shares a cutlery holder in the shape of a Christmas stocking!

8. Reindeer Cutlery Holder 

Another cutlery holder that is going to be a total hit around Christmas comes from Tea and a Sewing Machine and it’s made of fabric with a beautiful reindeer print! Cutlery holders like this one can really contribute to a festive table setting and can easily become a traditional element of your Christmas celebration!

9. Snowman Cutlery Holder 

Have you ever seen an incognito cutlery holder? Craftaholique‘s felt snowman looks like a regular winter ornament but in reality it’s a lovely cutlery pouch! This is a great craft to make together with your kids and it may just inspire them to help you set the table when the time for the big family gathering comes!

10. Patriotic Cutlery Holder 

You can always celebrate the love of your country with a patriotic cutlery holder that’s going to fit right in with the rest of your themed decor any time you celebrate an important milestone for your home nation, such as Independence Day! Take Craft Create Cook‘s version for inspiration!

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