Awesome DIY Graduation Cash Gifts

Here are some fantastic DIY ideas to dress up your monetary gifts and celebrate the graduate’s great academic glory. It can also satisfy the graduate’s emergency need of money in the near future.


Rolled Bill Graduation Gift. Tape and roll a stack of bills as you like. The more , the better. Put it them together in a cardboard box cash dispenser. Wrap up the box in a beautiful decor style. The graduate must be exciting to receive such a gift.source


Funny Cash Graduation Gift. Everybody loves cash, so does graduate. Send cash in a funny way by securing the money down in a pizza box using glue dots to avoid the money from falling all over the place. It’s fantastic to please the graduate with this unique gift.source


Cash Headband for Graduation. It’s boring to send graduate money using envelopes. Try this fun idea to pack your cash as a gift for the graduate. Fold the dollar bill. Take the long end and fold the edge to meet the middle. Assemble and insert one into the other to create the headband.source


Cash Graduation Cap. It’s so fantastic to pack your bill in a graduation cap style. Use poster board to shape the cap, cover the cap with bills of different value and fold the bill over and around the ring. Add the tassel from yarn to finish off the stunning cash graduation cap.source


Money Pad for Graduate. Stack the money to square on all edges and align with the chipboard. The graduate just can’t wait to receive bills in this stunning money pad. It stands for wealth as well as honor for the great graduation celebration.source


Confetti and Cash Balloon. Balloons are welcomed at every great event for celebration. Surprise the graduate with confetti cash balloons for wealth and festive celebration by filling a clear balloon with colorful confetti and cash rolls.source


Cash Diploma. Congratulate to the graduate’s academic achievement with this funny cash gift. It features a plain box in a glittering black graduation cap. You can fill it with rolls of money in diploma style as you like.source


Cash Can Graduation Gift. Any graduate must enjoy this adorable cash can as a gift. Punch out the tag, adhere it to the can, fill the can with rolls of money tied with cute twine. You have completed this masterpiece as a graduation gift.source


Cash Box Graduation Gift. Nothing hits the graduate more that this fantastic money in money style. Fold the bills into a box style and roll one bill into the diploma style and tie a cute twine. Place the cash diploma into the cash box. Just so fabulous!source


Cash Umbrella. Cut ribbons of various lengths, attach money to them and tie the ribbons inside the umbrella. The graduate must be disappointed to receive the ordinary umbrella. Once he or she opens it, the graduate must feel very exciting. I really enjoy this humorous gift.source


Funny Chocolate Graduation Gift. Unwrap the candy box, nestle within candy papers varied denominations as you like. Adhere the currency to the candy liner to create the sweet chocolate cash box gift to surprise the graduate.source


Money Lei Graduation Gift. Attach fan folded bills in between each flower from the lei. This charming graduation gift stands for glory as well as wealth. It’s a perfect gift for the graduate to pack some cash within it.source


Gift Wrapping Balloon Pop. It’s such a creative idea to pop a balloon to get your gift. Use balloon large enough to fit a small box or card within. It’s perfect to put some sash inside. The graduate just can’t wait to open this exciting gift wrapping balloon pop.source


Cash Booklet. If the graduate happens to be a literature lover, it’s perfect to send this perfect graduation gift to bring him or her excitement and surprises. Wrap gold cording around the spine, Insert your cash with the cord resting in the center fold of the cash.source


Cash Origami Graduation Cap and Diploma. This origami graduation cap and diploma is so funny to bring pleasure and blessing to the graduate. Fold the bill into a graduation cap style, roll up the bill, tie the twine to create the diploma.source


Unique Money Graduation Gift. Tape bills together and roll inside. Attach a card with funny wording to creative a funny way to send gift with cash to graduates to celebrate their achievements.source


DIY Money Necklace. It’s so fantastic to decorate the graduate with this DIY money necklace. Use floral wire to secure the folded bills. Use tissue paper to create the centerpiece. Arrange floral bills on the wire in a beautiful design as you like.source


Mason Jar Graduation Cap. Create the lid of the Mason jar to make the graduation cap. Roll up bills in a diploma style and add the twine to tie the bow. The graduate must be very pleased to receive this graduation cap Mason jar filled with bills.source


A Bowl Full of Greens. It’s such a funny and creative way to give a little cash to the graduate with this bowl full of greens. Fill the bowl with bills as you like, make some tomatoes by rolling quarters in red construction paper and flattening the ends closed. The graduate must enjoy this special gift.source


Cash Chain Graduation Gift. Fold the bills in thirds, hold the loop together with one small staple. Keep looping to get your chain. Staple the medallion onto the paper links. It’s so fantastic for the graduate to wear it for decoration as well as for celebration.source


Cash Frame Graduation Gift. Print off the pages you want, attach the money and put it in a frame. Prepare the emergency money inside ahead of time for the emergent need in the future. It also serves as a beautiful decor.source


Light bulb Graduation Gift. Fill the light bulb shaped jar with rolled up bills, tighten the lid and attach the cute message. This cool graduation gift may light up the future for the graduate.source


Cash Diplomas. Roll up cash bills, tie them with a ribbon and place them in a huge gift box. You can use graduation cap stickers to coordinate with the graduation theme perfectly. source


Topiary Greenery. Make your money grow on trees with bills and pennies. Tape the bills to the cone, pour pennies into the pot to cover and steady the ball. The graduate must be impressed by this stunning topiary greenery graduation gift.source


Cash Topped Graduation Cupcake. Fold cash bills into accordions, Glue them on the Popsicle sticks and use glue spot to add those labels. It’s time to surprise the graduate with this cash topped graduation cupcake for sweet flavor and emergency need of cash.source

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