Awesome DIY Mod Podge Transfer Crafts

Why not create your own image transfer crafts as gifts in this holiday season? Giving such a creative handmade gift is something that your parents will surely enjoy. So take a photocopy of an image or words to get started now.

1. Sheet music on a glass plate

Stepping Thru Crazy 

2. Anthropologie-inspired Polaroid shirt

Stars for Streetlights 

3. Large scale photo transfer wall art


4. Floral canvas shoes

Hello Glow

5. Canvas art jewelry holder

Northern Cottage Views 

6. Faux vintage garden caddy

Creative Carmella

7. Chevron polymer clay pendant

Mod Podge Rocks

8. Photo transfer wooden blocks

Cheerios and lattes.

9. Faux vintage side table

Spittin’ Toad 

10. Photo transfer letter pillow

Balancing Home.

11. Quote transfer tote bag

A Creative Princess 

12. Quote transfer wooden hangers


13. Image transfer children’s puzzle

The Handmade Home.

14. Pattern transfer coasters

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